TCG002: How Getting Fired From My First Job Saved My Career

Do you find yourself easily distracted or find yourself being constantly interrupted while studying?

Use these 8 proven productivity tips that I have used over the years to increase my work and studying efficiency while working at the Big Four and while studying for the CPA exam!

I mention tons of useful tools you can use in the podcast so click my show notes button below for links to all of the crucial tools you need to be implementing today!


TCG001: Introduction | Game Plan | What To Expect

It's here! The first session of CPA Exam Guide (TCG) Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the blog. I am working on submitting it to iTunes so I will let you know once it has been posted, so you can subscribe there as well. So until then, enjoy the show here!!

Click on the Show Notes button below to learn more about any actionable items I discussed and links to important resources mentioned!