17 Proven CPA Exam Study Strategies While Working Full Time
That You Can Implement Right Now And Will Help You Find 1-3 Study Hours Every Day

If you are struggling to find time to study while working full time or during busy season then you are absolutely in the right place.

You will learn 17 proven study strategies that you can implement starting today that will help you find 1-3 hours of study time per day no matter what client you are on.


TCG011: How One Parent Is CRUSHING The CPA Exam!

I invited Aaron LaDuke (an avid CPA Guide Podcast listener) to today's episode to reveal his study tactics that have allowed him to be a successful CPA candidate while still finding family time and work full time!

If you are a parent, you DON'T want to miss this episode!


TCG010: Case Study: #2 – Lucas Reveals His Week 5 CPA Exam Study Speedbumps For FAR!

It is winter and it is cold! Perfect CPA Exam study weather if you ask me! Lucas Cherry returns to CPA Exam Guide podcast to reveal the speedbumps he has encountered so far on his 5 week journey to passing FAR. You don't want to miss this episode!


TCG009: Case Study: Lucas Cherry & His Journey To Dominating FAR! –> Week 1

Happy New Year! My guest today is my good friend and fellow accountant, Lucas Cherry. This is episode 1 of a 4 part CASE STUDY series where we will be tagging along for Lucas's journey to DOMINATING the CPA exam, specifically FAR.

You don't want to miss this episode!


TCG008: If You Study. You Will Pass – with Roger Philipp, CPA!

My guest today is Roger Philipp, CPA the owner of Roger CPA Review Course! 

Roger and I delve into important topics about how to find passion in your career, why it is essential to pass the CPA exam if you are serious about your accounting career, and tips for CPA candidates who are struggling to stay focused.


TCG007: To Tax Or Audit? That Is The Question!

My guest today is Dr. Greg Carnes - Dean of the College of Business at the University of North Alabama! 

Greg is not only the Dean but also works directly with Wiley CPAexcel to keep their REG materials updated. To do this he not only writes the materials included into their course but is also the star of the REG video lectures.

I quiz Greg on several topics that I think are crucial to today's accounting students and get his take on studying for the CPA exam, finding the best route for you in the accounting industry whether you are still a student in college or someone who has been in the workplace for a few years and tons more!


TCG006: Do You Have The Discipline To Become A CPA

Welcome back for Session #006 of CPA Exam Guide Podcast!

Tune in to this very special interview with Steve Martin of MDS CPA Review Course. He provides tons of actionable items for you to apply to your study schedule AND your career!


TCG005: Cut 225 Hours Off Your CPA Exam Study Time

After failing 4 sections of the CPA exam I knew changes needed to be made. I decided that the best way to accomplish this was to streamline my studying and cut out anything that was not effective or efficient.

I selected the three biggest time savers that ended up saving me over 225 hours of study time and discussed them in detail in todays blog post.


TCG004: Surviving The CPA Exam, The Big Four, & Marriage! – with Bryan And Rachel Kesler

So how does a couple nurture their relationship when one of them is in the middle of busy season traveling AND studying for the CPA exam??

My wife, Rachel, and I delve into the specifics of what we did, and how we actually strengthened our relationship during the first 4 years of our dating life and eventually even marriage!


TCG003: 8 Productivity Tips To Reduce Stress and Find Inner Peace

Do you find yourself easily distracted or find yourself being constantly interrupted while studying?

Use these 8 proven productivity tips that I have used over the years to increase my work and studying efficiency while working at the Big Four and while studying for the CPA exam!

I mention tons of useful tools you can use in the podcast so click my show notes button below for links to all of the crucial tools you need to be implementing today!