My Review Of Roger CPA Review Elite Review Course [Updated For 2017 Exam]

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Roger CPA Elite Review Course Includes:

100+ Hours Of Video Lectures + 6,200+ Multiple Choice + Unlimited Course Access For Elite Package + Electronic & Physical Textbooks + Offline Lectures + Online Cram Course + Audio Lectures + Flashcards

Who Is Roger CPA Review For?

Roger CPA Review is perfect for anyone who has trouble paying attention in class and wants an entertaining instructor who breaks down the CPA exam topics into easy to follow lessons. Mixing Roger CPA Review's lectures, Simulations and Interactive Practice Questions you will be fully prepared for anything that the CPA exam has to throw at you.

Overview Of Roger CPA Review Course

Roger CPA Review was founded in 2001 by Roger Phillip based on his previous teaching experience at other CPA review course companies and public accounting work experience. Roger CPA Review has now become one of the premier CPA review courses in the industry.

Roger CPA Review has helped over 85,000+ CPA Candidates pass the CPA exam since its founding and in 2015 released what I think is their most comprehensive update to their course yet.

Watch My Roger CPA 2017 Video Review

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Roger CPA Review Weekly Discounts

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What I Learned About Roger CPA Review Elite Course Package 2017

After being given full access to the Roger CPA Review Elite Course Package, I am excited to share what I discovered with you.

Ready For 2017 CPA Exam Changes?

Roger CPA Review can now seamlessly be upgraded from the 2016 version to the 2017 version of the course with all of your study progress saved. So if you end up having to take a section with the 2016 version and need to retake it after the 2017 changes you are good to go!

The Dashboard

The Roger CPA Dashboard was completely redesigned in 2015 to be much more clean and user friendly. 

You track all of your lectures and progress and your study schedule from this page. Each individual topic is contained within each header and it identifies how long each lecture is and the section of the text you need to find in order to follow along.

The entire course is also mobile responsive so you can easily navigate Roger CPA Review regardless of whether you are on your mobile, tablet or computer. 

Example dashboard from FAR

The Study Scheduler

An area that I found to be a bit lacking for Roger CPA review course was the CPA exam study plan scheduler. It is just a simple spreadsheet that is auto-populated by the dates that you plug in on the dashboard.

Many of the other review courses have dynamic planners that can send you text alerts and are fully customizable based on events that inevitably come up that interrupt your study plan. 

As accountants I guess their thinking must be that we use excel everyday, but hopefully they will be able to provide something a bit more automated/adjustable in the future...

Simple Auto-Populated 3 month - 6 month - 12 month spreadsheet

The Star of the Show, The Lectures!

The obvious highlight of Roger CPA Review Course is Roger Phillip himself! 

I have yet to meet an accountant as enthusiastic as Roger. His lecture style is infectious and truly makes you want to pay attention and learn because you never know what he is going to do next!

The Roger CPA development team really upped the ante with several new features on their lecture dashboard.

You can now adjust the playback speed of each video, add closed captions/subtitles for English and highlight directly on the eTextbook.

This is a game changer for international students, Candidates with hearing disabilities, and people who are short of time and watch to speed up Roger even faster than he already is! 

The ability to take digital notes is also a nice feature to have so that you never have to worry about losing your notes.

Something that I found a bit annoying at first, but then decided I liked, was the fact that I had to manually navigate the electronic text as Roger progressed through the materials. As a former Becker user (I know my firm suckered me into getting it for free...) I was so used to having the pages tracking the lectures as I went. 

Now that I think about it, I realized that this made me fall asleep since the lectures were basically on auto-pilot! 

Roger forces you to stay on your toes and pay attention during his 10-30 minutes lectures, which I think is a powerful learning tool. 

You can now take notes, adjust playback speed, use CC/subtitles and highlight directly on the eTextbook!

Roger CPA Review Weekly Discounts

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Roger CPA Review Interactive Practice Questions

With the updated dashboard, in 2015 Roger CPA Review also updated their multiple choice engine or Interactive Practice Questions as they call them.

The Roger CPA Review multiple choice have a much cleaner interface and I found it much easier to navigate.

Each question provides an explanation regarding why a CPA Exam question is right or wrong which is very valuable as you begin to gain an understanding of accounting topics.

Their dashboard also allows you to flag questions, add a note for you to review later and includes a direct reference to your textbook.

NEW FOR 2017: Multiple Choice Analytics

New for 2017 Roger CPA Review now offers high level analytics with their multiple choice.

This addition of education technology to Roger CPA Review places them at the same level as Wiley CPAexcel, Gleim CPA Review and Becker CPA Review.

As the AICPA continues to add more materials tested on the CPA exam it is crucial that you understand your strengths and weaknesses regarding accounting topics so that you know where to spend you time.

Roger CPA Review will track every question that you get right or wrong and give you a breakdown of performance by individual section in addition to overall analytics.

Something I noted is that it doesn't track your overall average time to question which I think is important to know, but it does track your average time per question by quiz which is good as you focus on budgeting your time and decision making ability.


Roger CPA Review Customer Support

Roger CPA Review prides themselves on having real CPAs on staff to assist you with your questions.

They also guarantee an industry best 24 hour response time 24/7 and from my experience it was often much faster than that.

It is crucial to be able to outsource your questions so that you don't spin your wheels researching accounting forums or Google looking for an answer that likely doesn't exist.

Roger CPA Review Product Options

Roger CPA Review now comes in 3 different types of course packages that will more than prepare you to pass the CPA exam, the Select Course, the Premier Course and the Elite Course Package.

If you are serious about passing the CPA exam and want to ensure you get it done ASAP then the Elite Package is for you.

If you are on more of a budget and don't need MP3 lectures, flashcards or the Roger Cram Course but want a little bit more insurance of having access for 24 months and ability to access the course offline, then the Premier Package will work perfectly for you.

If you are motivated and are confident that you can pass the CPA exam in less than 18 months or if you have used a different review course and struggled to pass then I think the Roger CPA Select Package will work for you. 

Here is a breakdown of the features of each package to give you a better idea of what each has to offer you: 

Roger CPA Select Course Package 

The Roger CPA Select Course comes with:
* Everything you need to pass the CPA Exam on your 1st try
* Ability to purchase individual sections (if needed) 
* 100+ hours of video lectures
* Physical and electronic course textbooks
* Over 5,000 multiple choice questions
* Homework Help Center Access
* Free updates to materials
* The Excel Study Planners 
* Plus 18 months access to the online software
* Price - $1,685

Roger CPA Premier Course Package 

Roger CPA Premier Course Package includes: 

* Same features as the Roger CPA Select Course Package
* Plus 6 months access extension
* Plus Offline Access to the review course (ideal for traveling accountants)
Price: $2,095
Price after CPA Exam Guide 10% Discount: $1,885 

Roger CPA Elite Course Package 

Roger CPA Elite Course Package includes: 

* Same features as the Roger CPA Premier Course Package
* Plus Online Cram Course (see my Cram Course Review below)
* Plus All Audio Lectures (ideal if you have a long commute)
* CPA Exam Pre-made Flashcards (ideal if you don't have time to make your own)
Price: $2,895
Price after CPA Exam Guide 10% Discount: $2,605 

Roger CPA Elite Course Package 

Roger CPA Supplements include: Cram Course, MC Questions App, Digital Flashcards, CPA Exam Flashcards, Audio Lectures and Offline Lectures

Click Here for more information on Roger CPA Flashcards

Click here to find out more about the Roger iPhone/iPad Mobile Apps

Click here to find out more about the Roger CPA Cram Course

Video review of Cram Course and Audio Lectures and iPhone Apps Coming Soon!

Roger CPA Review Course Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Entertainment Value

Roger Philip is hands down the most entertaining and enthusiastic of all the CPA review course lecturers


Roger loves using mnemonics to help you learn and remember the material

New Multiple Choice

New for 2017, the Roger CPA Team developed a custom multiple choice engine with 5,000+ questions and fully featured diagnostic tools.


Some of the best customer support in the industry with real CPAs on staff and less than 24 hour typical response time even over the weekend.


200+ Printed flashcards available for each section and a multiple choice iPhone App available. (3,400+ multiple choice questions.) If you like listening to podcasts, then you will like the Roger MP3 lectures which you can take with you and listen anywhere!


Roger CPA Review offers Financing Plans for students on a budget

No Android Apps

Android Apps are not available currently for multiple choice or flashcards.

No Live/Virtual classroom

Video lectures are the only option available. No live classrooms or virtual classrooms offered.

Unlimited Access For Elite Only

The only way to get unlimited access to the course is to invest in the Elite Package. You will be limited to 18-24 months on the Premier and Select packages.

In Closing About Roger CPA Review...

If you are like me and have a decent amount of ADHD and need video lectures to learn quickly, then Roger CPA Review is absolutely for you.

When you compare Roger CPA Review to Becker CPA Review it's clear who wins the most entertaining lectures is in the industry.

The average attention span of people today is around 9 seconds, so in order to truly learn what you need to know to pass the CPA exam you need a review course that is going to captivate your attention.

Roger CPA is absolutely the best at making studying for the CPA exam as "fun" as possible while providing you with everything you need to pass the CPA exam. 

I highly recommend this course for ANY CPA candidate. 

You can try out Roger CPA right now with their risk free trial here:

NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Roger CPA is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision:

My email: [email protected]
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Roger CPA Review Course
4.8 / 5 stars

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