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Surgent CPA Review Course Includes:

350+ Video Lectures + 6,800+ Questions + 400 Task Based Simulations + Digital Flashcards + Unlimited Access Until You Pass + Electronic Textbook

Overview Of Surgent CPA Review Course

Surgent CPA Review (link to company website) is the creation of Liz Kolar, CPA. Liz Kolar has been a CPA prep teacher for more than 25 years and has helped thousands of candidates pass the CPA exam. Many of you have probably heard of Surgent as one of the leading CPE companies, but with the help of Liz Kolar and merger of the technology created by ExamMatrix, Surgent CPA Review was created.

With the ever increasing complexity of the accounting topics covered by the CPA exam and the shrinking amount of time that CPA candidates have to study, it is Surgent CPA Reviews goal to create the most efficient course currently available that will reduce your total study time by 50+ hours per section that is guaranteed to get you results.

So does Surgent CPA Review live up to the hype?

Let's find out.

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Surgent CPA Review VS Other CPA Review Courses

The ability to cut 50+ hours per section is a bold claim.

So how does Surgent CPA accomplish this for it's students?

Surgent CPA Review uses advanced Adaptive Study Technology (developed by ExamMatrix) that utilizes an algorithm to identify your strengths and weaknesses based on your practice exam results.

Instead of following a linear study model that is study unit by study unit, Surgent CPA Review hopes to help you eliminate any duplicate studying of topics that you already know.

Once the algorithm has identified the topics you know and don't know it will generate your reading list based on the topic you need to focus on teaching yourself.

To assist in the teaching process Liz Kolar and Jack Surgent provide 350+ small, easy-to-watch video lectures.

What Do You Get With Surgent CPA Review?

In addition to the bold claim that you will save 50+ hours per section, Surgent CPA Review comes with the following:

1) Surgent CPA Review comes with 6,000+ AICPA licensed multiple choice questions and 250 task based simulations.
2) 350+ Video Lectures
3) Customized Study Notes and a study planning tool
4) Physical Textbooks are available but are optional as Surgent is designed to be used with it's electronic text.

Surgent CPA Review Pass Guarantee

I love it when a CPA review course stands behind it's course and guarantees that you will pass with it's materials.

Surgent CPA Review goes above and beyond what is typically offered in the CPA review course industry and guarantees you will pass or your full order will be refunded.

They will also give you unlimited access to their course until you pass, which means that you pay once and will have no 12 or 18 months limit to access their course.

Surgent CPA Review Study Planner

When you first login to Surgent CPA Review they will ask you to set your exam date.

Once you have set the exam date and selected the days that you expect you will be able to study, Surgent CPA Review will give you an estimated number of hours that you need to study per day.

Surgent CPA Review Adaptive Learning Practice Exams

After setting your study planner Surgent CPA Review recommends that you take multiple practice exams using their Adaptive Study.

You can use their Customized Study Option to cover specific accounting topics, but because Surgent CPA Review isn't a linear review course they recommend using the Adaptive Study mode first to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

For each multiple choice question you answer (refer to screenshot above) they provide you with an explanation for why the answer is right or wrong, any definitions you need to know from the question, and a link directly to their electronic text for you to reference.

Surgent CPA Review Dashboard

There are three phases to Surgent CPA Review (refer to screenshot above).

The initial assessment phase is where you complete multiple practice exams and the algorithm determines what you know and don't know.

The 2nd phase is the adaptive learning.

Once you enter this phase you will continue to take more practice exams, read your assigned text, and watch any necessary video lectures.

The final phase is your review.

Once in review you will try to recreate the real CPA exam experience by taking full exams over all accounting topics.

Surgent CPA Review Analytics

A requirement for CPA review courses today are that they have in-depth analytics so that you can track your progress, know where to focus your time and help you identify where your decision making process is slow.

Surgent CPA Review hits analytics out of the park.

They provide you with detailed progress reports that include total time spent per question and your average time.

This will greatly increase your ability to know where to focus your time and if need be create customized practice exams.

Surgent CPA Review eTextbook Materials

The Surgent CPA Review Textbook is essentially a breakout of the AICPA's CPA examinations CCO's (Content Specification Outlines)/SSO's (Skill Specification Outlines) with definitions and more detail.

One positive I did find was that every single multiple choice question links directly to the text, which eliminates searching for specific topics within a bulky textbook or PDF.

You also need to understand that if you use Surgent CPA Review, you won't be sitting down and reading the textbook from cover to cover. Their adaptive studying technology will assign you a reading plan based on your practice quiz performance.

The problem is that the text lacks the real life examples and case studies that the linear courses such as Wiley CPAexcel, Roger CPA Review, Gleim CPA Review and Becker CPA Review have.

To compensate for this, Liz and Jack have created 350+ video lectures with examples, study guides and multiple choice walkthroughs.

If you notice a trend in multiple choice questions that you are missing on a specific topic, and you feel that the text isn't helping you understand the material then note the section, head to your dashboard and find a lecture on that topic.

NOTE: After discussing this process with the Surgent CPA Review team they don't recommend students watch every lecture or read every page of the textbook. Let the adaptive study technology determine which sections of the textbook and video lectures you should watch. To help you they will have 3 weekly new student webinars to teach you how to do this.

Surgent CPA Review Video Lectures

With over 350 video lectures from Jack Surgent and Liz Kolar it makes up for the dry textbook offered by Surgent CPA Review.

With other adaptive learning CPA review courses that are currently available such as Fast Forward Academy, these video lectures are what sets Surgent CPA Review apart.

Each video lecture tackles a specific accounting topic, provides you with slides that move along with the lecture and the ability to add notes and bookmarks to specific lectures.

It should be noted that Surgent CPA Review does NOT want you to sit down and watch every lecture.
Their adaptive studying technology helps you identify where you are struggling and will recommend based on your practice test performance which lectures to watch.

Surgent CPA Review CPA Exam Flashcards App

Surgent CPA Review offers a free mobile flashcards app, and even though it isn't part of their paid course I thought it was worth adding to my review.

It's over 2,200 flashcards for all four sections and literally all it requires is a valid email address.

If you don't already have this app it is a no brainer to download and test out.

After testing the mobile app it is extremely easy to use and each flashcard provides you with a term and a definition.

You can select which one to be shown first and then you click your screen and it will flip the card.

Other CPA review courses are charging up to $150 for this quality of flashcards so I am a big fan of this app and I think you will be as well.

Link to download mobile app on Android or iPhone


Surgent CPA Review Course Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Multiple Choice

6,000 Multiple Choice & 250+ Simulations that are part of Surgent CPA Reviews Adaptive Studying Technology

Video Lectures

While other adaptive learning CPA review courses have basically the same technology as Surgent CPA Review, Surgent beats them by offering 350+ video lectures.

Pass Guarantee

Surgent CPA Review is so confident in their product that they offer a pass guarantee or your money back. They also throw in unlimited access until you pass.

Lecture Size

Liz and Jack use short concise videos to explain complex accounting topics to you.

Mobile Apps

Offer a free Surgent CPA exam flashcards mobile app that is easily a $150 value when you look at what other CPA Review Courses typically charge.


Along with Liz and Jack, there is a team of experienced teachers and professionals that assist in writing each textbook and scripting lectures


The Surgent CPA Review Textbook reads like a dictionary with no real life case studies or problem examples and explanations. However each multiple choice is linked directly to the text and if you don't understand a topic from the text then their should be a video lecture with a study guide to provide additional clarification.

Acquired Study Taste

Their course format is unlike any of the tried and true CPA review courses that have been around for decades. There just isn't enough data currently available for me to determine if this method of studying is truly more effective than the linear approach. If you (or anyone you know) is using Surgent CPA as his/her only CPA Review Course please have them contact me @ [email protected]


When you compare the other products in the industry that are similar to Surgent CPA Review (Fast Forward Academy and ExamMatrix). Surgent is definitely priced as a premium product at $1,276 (if you use my 20% discount code "CPAEXAMGUIDE"). This is likely due to the 350+ video lectures that Surgent includes.

What my suggestion for you is...

If you have tried a linear CPA review course and had no luck, then Surgent CPA Review should be your go to course.

If you are brand new to the CPA exam process it is hard to recommend that you ONLY use Surgent CPA Review even with their Pass Guarantee when you have courses such as Roger CPA Review, Wiley CPAexcel and Gleim CPA Review who have been around for many years and are proven to work.

If you need a supplemental course and some fresh multiple choice questions for your final review of one or two sections, then I highly recommend Surgent CPA Review's individual sections.

My feeling on adaptive learning (without actually using it to pass the CPA exam) is that for it to truly save you time you will need to have a fairly strong understanding of all the topics covered by the CPA exam prior to use.

In my opinion for someone to come in and use Surgent as their primary review course when they have been out of college for a few years will spend just as much time teaching themself the material as someone using a linear course.

However just like the more linear courses it is essential to use multiple choice analytics to identify your strengths and weaknesses or else you will waste time studying topics that you already understand and Surgent does do this very well.

Don't just take my word for it though, check out their free course demo here.

Overall I really like what Surgent CPA Review is doing and I am very excited to hear more results from CPA candidates who have only used Surgent CPA Review and see how he/she has done.

If I hear that y'all using Surgent CPA Review are truly saving time and passing the CPA exam then I need to know!

If you know anyone who has done this, please have them contact me at:

My email: [email protected]

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Surgent CPA Review Course
8 / 10 stars

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