My Review Of Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Review Course (Updated For 2017 Exam)

CPA Exam Guide Rating

Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course Includes:

Bite-Sized Lectures + 2,600+ Pages of Study Text +12,000 CPA Exam Questions + 4,200+ Digital Flashcards + Unlimited Access Until You Pass + Focus Notes

Overview Of Wiley CPAexcel Review Course

If I had to retake the CPA exam again (heavens forbid!) then I would without a doubt choose Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Review Course 2017. 

But here is the thing... 

I am a bit of a techy nerd who doesn't have issues learning how to use somewhat complex software. 

Based on my experience using their software, mobile apps, the Wiley online test bank, and printed/electronic flashcards, Wiley CPAexcel helps you study smarter and efficiently once you have figured out how to use their software and how everything works together...  

However, with the option to study on your tablet, phone, or computer, Wiley CPAexcel 2017 makes it an extremely versatile review course, which guarantees you will pass the CPA exam and will not expire until you do so.

Watch My Wiley CPAexcel 2017 Video Review (Updated For 2017 Exam)

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Wiley CPAexcel VS Becker CPA

The majority of CPA Exam Guide viewers who email me are stuck between Wiley CPAexcel and Becker. After personally using both courses, I hands down recommend Wiley CPAexcel over Becker for the following reasons.

  • Lectures - Becker focuses on long drawn out lectures (1-3 hour +) while Wiley CPAexcel breaks up their lectures (15-30 minutes). To me this is a better method because you are constantly learning, then performing questions, and then reviewing which is less time you will be tuning out and losing focus.

  • Price - Becker spends all of their money on marketing and then passes the price on to its students, which I don't think is fair. Wiley CPAexcel is literally half the price and yet their course is just as effective and in my opinion more efficient. (be sure to check out my discount page to ensure you are getting the best discount for Wiley CPAexcel)

  • License Time - Becker only gives you 12 months to pass the CPA exam before they require you to jump through hoops and pay to renew your license. Wiley CPAexcel is so confident that their course works, they give you truly unlimited access until 1 year after you pass the CPA exam. One less thing to worry about right!

What's New In 2017!

The biggest changes made to the 2017 Wiley CPAexcel course were as follows:

  • Added 7 hours of additional "Deep Dive" lectures for FAR to assist you in focusing on the most tested topics.

  • Added 2 hours of additional "Deep Dive" lectures for AUD to assist you in focusing on the most tested topics.

  • More tables and graphics to aid understanding of the content and organize the information are used in the video lectures

    Updated Mobile app for Android and iPhone that syncs with your computer software!

About Wiley CPAexcel

An interesting fact about Wiley CPAexcel is that they were recently acquired by Wiley and even more recently aquired Kaplan CPA Review Course. Wiley is one of the leading producers of CPA exam multiple choice questions and coupled with the efficient study plan utilized by CPAexcel, they have created a powerful CPA review system that will rival any of the other systems currently available. Per Rahul Srivastava, President of CPAexcel, CPAexcel will continue to offer their superior review course program and students should only expect great improvement in the future with the merging of CPAexcel and Wiley.

To learn more about Wiley CPAexcel, I interviewed Dr. Greg Carnes, Dean of the University of North Alabama College of Business. Dr. Carnes is the head writer of the REG materials and the star of the bite-sized video lectures. Here is a snippet of our conversation:

Who Should Buy Wiley CPAexcel?

If you are a studier who hates long lectures and needs to be able to study on the road then Wiley CPAexcel is for you! With its mobile and tablet apps and easy to use computer interface, you can use Wiley CPAexcel 2017 anywhere. 

Additionally with the bite size lectures you can spend more time reviewing your text and performing multiple choice questions and not watching methodical lectures. 

If you would like to try out a free trial of Wiley CPAexcel, please follow this link their website to sign up: Wiley CPAexcel Free 14 Day Trial

What I Learned About Wiley CPAexcel

After spending several hours reviewing Wiley CPAexcel 2017, I found that what makes this course really shine is its efficient study plan and multiple choice database.

By breaking up the lectures into 5-10 minute segments it allows you to keep focus as you are going through your material. Instead of watching an hour and a half lecture in one sitting, you are constantly moving between lectures, your text, flash cards and your multiple choice questions and then reviewing what you have just learned.

To me this is the most effective way to study for the CPA exam as it is what I did to pass.

The Dashboard

When I first logged into Wiley CPAexcel 2017, I was greeted with a comprehensive study dashboard that laid out the entire plan for my study schedule. I appreciated how automated the study planner was and how easily customizable it was as you will soon find out that delays are inevitable as you begin studying. 

For each section you will be given a lecture, the corresponding study text, and then exam questions for you to answer. 

Additionally you will be given the slides from the lectures, more multiple choice questions to test your proficiency, electronic flashcards and then access to the CPAexcel Mentored Discussion forum.

To-Do List Layout for Each Topic

Flashcards (Electronic & Printed)

The other strength I found regarding Wiley CPAexcel was the fact that they offer flash cards that can be used anywhere. I would not be a CPA today if it wasn't for flash cards, so the fact that Wiley CPAexcel offers both electronic and printed flash cards is a huge selling point for me. 

If you are interested in the Wiley CPAexcel printed flashcards go here

Flashcards Were The Key To Me Passing The CPA Exam! Use Them!

Multiple Choice Database

Between the CPAexcel and the Wiley Multiple Choice Test Banks, Wiley CPAexcel now offers one of the most comprehensive multiple choice and simulation databases for you to utilize. 

With over 12,000 multiple choice questions at your disposal and comprehensive explanations and analytics tracking, you will be more than prepared when it comes time to sit for REG, FAR, BEC, and AUD!

With literally a dozen ways to split your data, you can be confident in knowing PRECISELY where to spend your time based on your current performance.

You will be hard pressed to find a better multiple choice test bank anywhere.

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Don't Forget to Tag Problem Questions!)

Wiley CPAexcel has some of THE most advanced analytics available so you can pinpoint where to spend your time.

Bite-Sized Lectures

As with all review courses there were a few flaws that I found with Wiley CPAexcel 2017. The first being that while the lectures are short, the professors that have been hired are a bit dry in their presentation compared to some of the other review courses I have reviewed. 

I also found that there is a learning curve to figuring out all of the features that Wiley CPAexcel 2017 has to offer. If you are not very technologically advanced then plan on spending an hour or two figuring out how everything works and how it's organized.

Lectures don't need to be 3 hours long...
(this one is only 9 minutes)


One of the most stressful parts of when I was taking the exam was worrying about my review course expiring. You already have so much on your plate that the last thing you should be worried about is cramming in your last exam before your review course expires. 

This is where I think Wiley CPAexcel is ahead of the curve by the fact that they stand behind the effectiveness of their review course so much that they will give you unlimited access for up to a year after you pass the CPA exam. This is unheard of in the review course industry! 

Final Thoughts

Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Review Course is the most expansive review course that I have tested. One improvement that I did notice was missing was that there is no connection yet between the Android/iPhone Mobile Apps, Wiley Study Guides and CPAexcel Course Outlines. I fully understand that Wiley and CPAexcel just merged last year, so I hope that they can provide some better directions for how students should utilize both review courses in an efficient manner. In the meantime it seems a little bit messy to keep track of three separate software programs.

My recommendation would be to tackle the Wiley CPAexcel bite-sized lectures first and then utilize the Wiley multiple choice test bank in the final weeks of your studying so that you can have fresh questions to answer to truly test your knowledge.

Read my review of the Wiley Online Test Bank Below  

What Are My Options From Wiley CPAexcel Products?

UPDATE: 1/2/2015

Something that many CPA Exam Guide viewers email me about is how to pick the right Wiley CPAexcel product. 

Wiley CPAexcel offers a Silver, Gold and Platinum version of their review course, and each review course is designed for a different type of CPA Studier.

To help shed some light on the differences between these courses I asked Dr. Greg Carnes his thoughts on how to best identify which product is best for you. 

You can read my further break out of each course product below.

Silver CPA Review Course 
* Core Study Materials
* Video Lectures + Slides
* 32GB Flash Drive for offline access
* No Expiration Date

Target Audience:
Motivated individuals who don't need extra multiple choice questions, professional help, or a virtual classroom setting. A great course for anyone who doesn't need all the bells and whistles.

Wiley CPAexcel Video Gold Medal Course 

Video Gold Medal Course: $1,800 before 20% student discount

Includes everything in Silver plus:
* Professor Mentoring
* Course Outlines
* Free Shipping

Target Audience:
Includes everything you need to pass but it still lacks the Wiley Test Bank multiple choice questions and a virtual classroom for additional support. 

Wiley CPAexcel Platinum CPA Review Course 

Platinum CPA Review Course: $2,295 before 20% student discount

Includes everything in Silver and Gold, plus:
* Focus Notes
* Printed Flashcards
* Virtual Classroom Series
* CPA Online Test Bank (printed textbooks are NOT included) + (Formerly Wiley Online Test Bank, see my video review below)

Target Audience:
If you can afford this program it is hands down the most comprehensive review course currently available in the review course industry. Use my coupon code: THECPAGUIDE to save 15% off the Platinum Course! 

Wiley CPAexcel Supplemental Materials 

Wiley CPAexcel Supplements include: CPA Self-Study Pack, CPA Online Test Bank, CPA Study Guide, CPA Focus Notes, CPA Flash Cards, and the CPA Virtual Classroom Series

Click Here for more information on Wiley CPAexcel Flashcards

Click here to find out more about the Wiley CPAexcel Online Test Bank

Click here to find out more about all other Wiley CPAexcel Supplements

Video review of each supplement coming soon!

Wiley CPAexcel Review Course Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Multiple Choice

12,000 Exam Questions + 600+ Simulations (With Platinum Course - most in industry)

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Option for those who need "live" classes (Included w/ Platinum Course)

Unlimited Access

Wiley CPAexcel won't expire until a year AFTER you pass the CPA exam. They stand behind their product and don't require you to make expensive renewals if you can't pass in a set time period! 

Lecture Size

The "Bite-sized lectures" allow you to spend more time studying and less time highlighting!

Study Planner

The Wiley CPAexcel study planner is fully automated and adjusts to your ever changing schedule

Mobile Apps

Multiple Choice Quiz and Flashcard Mobile apps available for Android and iPhone 


Team of experienced teachers and professionals write each textbook and record lectures

Video Lectures

Lectures can be a bit dry, that being said the content is very efficiently presented and relevant to your studying. 


The Wiley CPAexcel software takes a bit to fully understand and is a tad outdated compared to other courses in terms of responsiveness on mobile and tablet. This course is not for the non-techy (see my video for a break down of each feature) 


A disconnect between Wiley's Multiple Choice Test banks, Mobile Apps and the CPAexcel review course makes studying a lot to keep track of. I hope that they find a way to better package each product in the future to help the flow of the study process.

What my suggestion for you is...

If you don't want to spend more than $3,000 on a review course, need to be able to study on the road, and hate watching long lectures, Wiley CPAexcel 2017 is the course for you to use to pass BEC, AUD, REG and FAR! 

Wiley CPAexcel 2017 will not expire until a year after you pass and the ability to go mobile is huge for the technologically savvy and makes for one of the most efficient review courses currently available. 

I highly recommend Wiley CPAexcel 2017 Platinum and Gold Medal, they are well worth the price for those who work long hours and don't have time to listen to lectures all night. 

However, if you need a CPA review course that isn't going to require a big learning curve to figure out the software, then I would look at Roger CPA, Gleim CPA or Yaeger CPA.  

You can try out Wiley CPAexcel right now with their risk free trial here:

NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Wiley CPAexcel is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision:

My email:
Or head back to my Top 10 Comparison page here or Discounts Page here

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My Review Of Wiley CPAexcel Self-Study Online Test Bank (Formerly Wiley CPA Study Course)

CPA Exam Guide Rating (as a STANDALONE review course)

CPA Exam Guide Rating (as a SUPPLEMENTAL review course)

What Is Wiley CPAexcel Self-Study?

If I were to have to retake the CPA exam again then I would certainly consider utilizing Wiley's Self Study Course to supplement my primary review course. Whether it just be the Online Test Bank for the extra multiple choice questions or the full self-study course.

As many of you know Wiley and CPAexcel have merged in the past couple years and now offer their products together in their Silver, Video Gold Medal, or Platinum Course or you can purchase their Wiley Self-Study Course which I will discuss below. 

FYI - if you decide to go with the Platinum Course it will include unlimited access to the Wiley Online Test Bank (you will have to purchase the printed textbooks separately). I highly recommend this option if you need additional multiple choice for your final review.

The Wiley Text is still published annually, and is a comprehensive four-volume paperback that reviews all four parts of the CPA exam. It now includes 12 months access to the Online Test Bank, the Wiley Study Text, and the CPAexcel Focus Notes. 

Who Should Buy Self-Study Courses

I believe that the target audience for the Wiley Self-Study Course is people who are looking for additional multiple choice questions to supplement their current review course.

OR for people whose primary review course has expired and they do not want to spend multiple thousands of dollars renewing their course when they still have textbooks that are up-to-date and they just need access to some affordable multiple choice questions and simulations. 

What I Learned About Wiley Self-Study

After spending considerable time testing the Wiley CPAexcel Self-Study Material and Online Test Bank 2017, I found that what really makes Wiley shine is the ease of use of its thousands of multiple choice questions. With over 4,000 multiple choice questions in its online test bank and in-depth performance monitoring analytics, I feel confident that if you use Wiley in the last 2 weeks of your final review before sitting for a section it will give you a significant boost to your score. 

The key to passing the CPA exam is to learn the patterns of the types of questions asked on the CPA exam and the key topics of each section. If you find yourself memorizing multiple choice answers because you are constantly redoing the same questions then you need to immediately find additional multiple choice questions or else you are doing yourself a huge disservice. If you feel like this is you then you need to consider buying Wiley's Self-Study Review Course.

You can try a free demo of their review course here: Wiley CPAexcel Free 14 Day Trial

Wiley Self-Study Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Supplemental Course

Good for anyone who needs a cram course/final review to supplement their primary course


Great analytics that track your progress and the topics you get right or wrong


Wiley CPAexcel multiple choice test banks are very affordable

Multiple Choice

Some of the best multiple choice questions & explanations in the industry

Mobile Apps

A fully functional multiple choice quiz app for Android and iPhone users


You only receive 12 months access to the multiple choice database

Study Planner

The Wiley CPAexcel self-study course lacks lectures and a study planner

My Suggestion For Wiley Self-Study Only

For serious candidates I can't recommend Wiley as the only CPA source to use in studying for the exam. 

So what I recommend is that you use the Wiley Online Test bank to supplement your current review course and use it as a Final Review Tool before you sit for each exam section. 

It will be the best couple hundred bucks you can spend!

NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Wiley CPAExcel is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision:

My email:
Or head back to my Top 10 Comparison page here or Discounts Page here


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Wiley CPAexcel Review Course
8 / 10 stars

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