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Two of the most competive CPA review courses are Wiley CPAexcel and Roger CPA Review.

Choosing between Roger CPA and Wiley CPAexcel is not an easy task. However, there are a few factors that can guide you towards picking the best option for your specific situation.

These include price, software access period, multiple choice questions, flashcards and video lectures among others.

NOTE: Both Roger CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel give you the ability to study in very different ways.

This means that if you don't know your study personality it could mean picking the wrong CPA review course.

Be sure to complete our free CPA study personality quiz here before making your final purchasing decision.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a referral fee if you decide to invest in the course listed below. Please understand that I have personal experience using Wiley CPAexcel, and I recommend them because I know that they will help you, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please only use my links if you feel that I have helped you in your review course decision. Also note that the coupon codes listed on this page may or may NOT have an expiration date. However the coupon codes offered are constantly changing so assume they won't be available forever.

Roger CPA Review + Wiley CPAexcel Quick Stats

Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course Includes:

Bite-Sized Lectures + 2,600+ Pages of Study Text +12,000 CPA Exam Questions + 4,200+ Digital Flashcards + Unlimited Access Until You Pass + Focus Notes

Roger CPA Review Elite Course Includes:

100+ Hours Of Video Lectures + 6,200+ Multiple Choice + From 18 months to unlimited access + Electronic & Physical Textbooks + Offline Lectures + Online Cram Course + Audio Lectures + Flashcards

Wiley CPAexcel Versus Roger CPA Review Features Compared Below:

Roger CPA Review vs Wiley CPAexcel Cost Comparison

Roger CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel are both relatively cost effective CPA Review Courses with high end offerings. Wiley CPAexcel starts at just $1,590 for their Silver Course package and goes all the way up to $2,450 for their Platinum Course package (20% discount here). Roger CPA Review starts at $1,695 and goes up to $2,895 for their Elite Package (before 15% discount).

NOTE: I will be comparing the Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course to Roger CPA Review's Elite Package. Use the chart below for a more exact breakdown of the total cost of each of these CPA courses.

CPA Course Cost Comparison
Roger CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Complete Course Cost $1,695-2,895 (before discount) $1,700-2,450 (before discount)
Single Section Price $595 (Select Only) $575-$825
Admin Fees $50 None
Course Expiration Period 18 Months - Unlimited 24 Months
Multiple Choice Questions 6,200 12,000
Video Lecture Hours 100 110+
Final Review Cram Course $225 $150-575
Cost To Renew Access $417 Per Section Free

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel

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Video Lectures

Wiley CPAexcel and Roger CPA Review have a similar philosophy on video lectures.

Keep them short and keep them moving.

Between these two CPA review courses, you will not find any 2-3 hour lectures which is great for those of you like me who can't focus in class for more than 5 minutes.

In terms of entertainment value, Roger CPA Review takes the cake by a long shot.

His energy and entheusiasm is bar none the best in the industry.

I found Wiley CPAexcel's instructors to be much more dry.

The good news is that because the lectures are short, it prevents you from falling asleep like other CPA review courses.

I love that both of these courses help you constantly move from video lectures to your text to taking multiple choice questions quickly to help keep you on your toes.

Overall, I think Roger CPA Review is the clear winner for video lectures.

Video Lectures Comparison
Roger CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Total Lecture Hours 100 110
Presentation Highly Caffinated Mini-Lessons Bite-Sized Lessons

WINNER: Roger CPA Review

Multiple Choice & Simulations

Wiley CPAexcel contains 12,000+ CPA exam questions which includes true/false, multiple choice and simulations.

While this is clearly more questions that you would ever need to pass the CPA exam, it's never a bad thing to have some extra questions to keep everything fresh if you find yourself start memorizing questions.

Roger CPA Review only offers 6,200 multiple choice questions and simulations.

I will say that this is a more reasonable number of CPA exam questions that a CPA candidate should complete in order to pass the CPA exam.

However considering that only 20% of CPA candidates pass the CPA exam without failing, if you fail with using Roger CPA review you should expect to need to find extra questions to study for your retake.

CPA Exam Question Explanations

An even more important feature to compare is the explanations for WHY a multiple choice question is right or wrong.

This is one of the most important study tools that you can use as a CPA candidate.

I found that both companies have expertly answered explanations for the majority of the questions.

You also have the ability to inquire with their customer service for additional explanation.

Multiple Choice Analytics

Another factor to consider is your multiple choice analytics.

Both Roger CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel offer multiple choice analytics but they present the data very differently.

Roger CPA Review is focusing on it's "SmartPath" technology which compares your results to the results of students who have passed the CPA exam.

The issue I have with Roger CPA Review's analytics are that they are only at the high level topic level and don't give you the sub-topic level data.

This can making knowing what to study a bit more difficult since each topic covers a lot of information.

Now on the flip side, Wiley CPAexcel breaksdown all the data from your results all the way down to the sub-topic level and gives you the ability to manally identify where your weaknesses are.

At this point it boils down to how much trust you want to put into learning technology vs manually figuring out what you need to study.

Who Wins?

Considering that the Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course gives you more than enough questions to pass the CPA exam and account for the possibility of failure, and the fact that both courses have comprehensive CPA exam question explanations, I believe Wiley CPAexcel beats out Roger CPA Review in CPA exam questions.

CPA Exam Multiple Choice Comparison
Roger CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Total Multiple Choice 6,000+ 12,000+
Simulations 200+ 600+

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial feature for a CPA review course that needs to be both fast and helpful.

The ability to outsource your questions can save you a large amount of time.

When comparing the Roger CPA Review Elite Package and Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course Package, both companies provide you with comprehensive support.

Specifically Roger CPA Review gives you priority support via email, phone and chat to their accounting experts and access to their homework help center (forum).

Wiley CPAexcel offers phone, chat and email support as well as their Student Discussion (community forum).

I found both review course companies to provide their support in a timely and helpful manner.

I don't think you can go wrong with either CPA review course in terms of customer support.

Customer Support Comparison
Roger CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Total Time To Response 24 hours or less 24 hours or less


Course Access

Course access is an important feature most CPA candidates don't consider.

There is nothing worse than having to scramble and find a new CPA review course or paying out the wazoo to renew software access in the middle of studying.

Wiley CPAexcel offers unlimited access to their course software across the board regardless of whether you invest in their Silver, Gold or Platinum course packages.

Roger CPA Review offers unlimited access until you pass for their Elite course package, 24 months for their Premier course package and 18 months for their Select course package.

With all this being said, I think Wiley CPAexcel makes you jump through the least amount of hurdles to maintain course access and is the clear winner here.

CPA Course Access Comparison
Roger CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Total Software License Time 18 Months - Unlimited Unlimited Until You Pass
Renewal Fee $417 per section Free

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel

CPA Exam Study Supplements

Both Roger and Wiley CPAexcel come with a wide range of course supplements.

Wiley CPAexcel offers a very unique Live Virtual Classroom with is a live webinar format for folks who need a classroom structure to keep them on pace.

Roger CPA Review also offers a unique supplement called a "Cram Course" which is a high level video lecture series that will summarize everything you have learned from the section to best prepare you for your exam.

The other standards like flashcards and mobile apps are also offered by both CPA review courses.

However Wiley CPAexcel's fully integrated mobile app takes the cake as it syncs with your desktop software as well, giving you the ability to truly study anywhere, anytime.

It's a close one here, but I think Wiley CPAexcel has Roger CPA review edged out for CPA exam study supplements

CPA Exam Supplements
Roger CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Flashcards Digital + Printed Digital + Printed
Mobile App Yes - Flashcards & Multiple Choice Full Course Access
Final Review Cram Course Test Bank
Live Virtual Classroom Not Available Yes

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel (by a hair)

Final Recommendation

Picking between these two excellent courses is easier said than done.

It really boils down to three factors.

1) Do you prefer to manually determine what to study (Wiley CPAexcel) or would you prefer to let the software decide (Roger CPA Review)

2) Is having an energetic and entertaining instructor more important (Roger CPA Review) than having access to live online lectures (Wiley CPAexcel)

3) Would you rather have just enough multiple choice questions (Roger CPA Review) or more than enough (Wiley CPAexcel).

Now if you still aren't sure here's what I would recommend you do next.

Try each of these courses, it's free to sign up and you can check out all the features we discussed here today to help making your final determination.

Wiley CPAexcel 14 Day Free Trial

Roger CPA Review Trial

In my personal opinion, and if I had to retake the CPA exam again, I would recommend Wiley CPAexcel over Roger CPA Review because of it's across the board unlimited access until you pass, the sheer number of multiple choice questions and the detailed analytics provided.

But again that is just my personal preference and recommendation after speaking with hundreds of CPA candidates and if your study personality is different than mine, Roger may be the best choice for you.


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Roger CPA Review vs Wiley CPAexcel
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