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In this CPA Review Course showdown we will be comparing both Becker CPA Review and Roger CPA Review.

They are both great courses in their own way with some very crucial difference.

In this article I want to share my comparions of the cost, access period, customer support, supplements and video length and more between each course.

By the end of this comparison you will understand the features and pros and cons of each course with the aim of helping students make an informed decision.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a referral fee if you decide to invest in the course listed below. Please understand that I have personal experience using Becker & Roger CPA Review, and I recommend them because I know that they will help you, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please only use my links if you feel that I have helped you in your review course decision. Also note that the coupon codes listed on this page may or may NOT have an expiration date. However the coupon codes offered are constantly changing so assume they won't be available forever.

Becker CPA + Roger CPA Review Quick Stats

Roger CPA Review Elite Course Includes:

100+ Hours Of Video Lectures + 6,200+ Multiple Choice + Up To 24 Month Course Access + Electronic & Physical Textbooks + Offline Lectures + Online Cram Course + Audio Lectures + Flashcards

Becker CPA Review Course Includes:

100+ Hours of Lectures +7,200 CPA Exam Questions + 4,000+ Flashcards + 18 Month Access To Course Software

Roger CPA Review vs Becker CPA Review Features Compared Below:

Becker CPA Review vs Roger CPA Review Cost Comparison

It's a well known fact that Becker CPA review course costs an arm and a leg (unless your firm sponsors your course fees).

You will have to spend a whopping $3,393 for all 4 sections.

Unless your employer is paying the course for you, it’s advisable that you pick a course that you can afford to pay without straining your pockets.

Compared to Becker, Roger CPA review starts at $1,695.

Let's take a closer look at the detailed pricing differences between the two courses:

CPA Course Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Roger CPA Review
Complete Course Cost $3,393 $1,695
Single Section Price $1,131 $595
Admin Fees $95 $50
Cost To Renew Access $565 Per Section $417 Per Section
Course Expiration Period 18 Months 24 Months
Multiple Choice Questions 7,200 6,200
Video Lecture Hours 100 100
Final Review Cram Course $165 $225


From the figures above, you can see that Roger CPA Review is much more affordable than Becker CPA.

You do have some financing options for Becker, you can pay in installments of $1,131 per section.

You can also finance your Roger CPA Review investment with payments as low as $184/month.

Additionally, Roger CPA offers discounts that range between 10% and 15%.

There are not any Becker CPA Review discounts currently available.

WINNER: Roger CPA Review

Roger CPA Review Weekly Discounts

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Video Lectures

Although both Roger and Becker CPA come with 100 hours of video, Becker requires you to watch every video and they tend to be 2+ hours long in length.

This is the ADHD CPA Candidates worst nightmare...

One positive is that Becker does have closed caption reserved for Asian learners.

There is a similar feature for students that prefer to have their lessons lectured in English.

Now compare this to Roger CPA Review.

Roger Phillipp, CPA the primary lecturer is bursting with energy and he has by far the most interactive video lectures.

Another feature I love is that Roger CPA Review breaks down each lecture into small segments of 10 to 30 minutes.

This is great because it keeps you on your toes constantly shifting from lectures to text to questions and back again.

The other advantage is that you can make the clips to play much faster or slowly by either increasing or reducing the playback speed.

This feature comes in handy when you are running out of time.

Video Lectures Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Roger CPA Review
Total Lecture Hours 100 110
Presentation Long Form Lectures 10-30 MInute Lectures

WINNER: Roger CPA Review

Multiple Choice & Simulations

Becker CPA comes equipped with 7,200 multiple choice questions that include some of the most detailed explanations in the industry.

This is absolutely the shining point of Becker CPA Review.

Compare this with Roger CPA Review which only comes with 6,200 multiple choice questions but also includes very detailed question explanations.

Now the question to ask here is will have 1,000 extra multiple choice questions be the difference between you passing and failing? And is 1,000 multiple choice worth the $1,600 price difference?

Let's dig a bit deeper.

Both Becker CPA Review and Roger CPA Review include in-depth multiple choice analytics broken down by question topic.

Meaning after you complete a set of multiple choice you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Why is this important?

Well it's how you will identify how to spend you time!

If quantity of multiple choice is important to you then you might consider investing in a separate test bank of questions which will only cost you a couple hundred bucks, instead of shelling out an extra grand for Becker CPA Review.

Bottom line, Becker CPA Review has the most multiple choice questions but Roger CPA Review has very similar quality and similar analytics which will more than help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

CPA Exam Multiple Choice Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Roger CPA Review Review
Total Multiple Choice 7,200 6,200
Simulations 400 400


Customer Support

The customer care team at Roger reacts to customer inquiries within 24 hours after you hit the submit button.

Additionally they have licensed CPAs on staff that will be handling your questions.

Their punctuality in responding to customer questions and the quality of their customer support team gives them an edge over Becker.

When you submit an inquiry at Becker, you should be ready to wait for at least 2 working days.

There also tends to be delays on weekends because that’s when many students submit their questions.

Customer Support is a crucial piece to your success because you need to be able to outsource your questions so you don't spin your wheels.

Roger CPA Review is the clear winner here.

Customer Support Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Roger CPA Review
Total Time To Response 2 Business Days 24 hours or less

WINNER: Roger CPA Review

Course Access

Both Becker and Roger offer a course access period of 18 months as standard.

But with Roger, you can still access the course even after the lapse of 18 months.

This is because all students get an extension of 6 months.

Roger CPA Review understands that life gets in the way and provides a way to maintain access with limited headaches to extend your access.

Now would I prefer that Roger CPA Review give you unlimited access to their course until you pass?

Absolutely but let's compare course access to Becker.

Students that subscribe to Becker’s course package are allowed to renew access to the learning materials as long as it has been confirmed that they attended all self-study lectures, live classes, or webcasts AND tackled all multiple choice questions but still failed in their exams.

This means you will not get any extension if you missed some classes and did not utilize the available learning materials.

To me this hurts CPA candidates because everyone learns differently.

Some candidates will not benefit from sitting in front of 2-3 hour lectures (like myself) and it turns into a massive busy work process to make sure you complete all the renewal requirements.

Clear winner here is Roger CPA Review.

CPA Course Access Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Roger CPA Review Review
Total Software License Time 18 Months 18 Months + 6 Month Extension
Renewal Fee $565 Per Section $417 Per Section

WINNER: Roger CPA Review

Course Supplements

Both Becker and Roger CPA Review come with a wide range of course supplements.

They both offer high quality printed flashcards (Roger CPA Review also offers digital).

They both come with smart phones apps which allow you to study on the go.

They both offer "Final Review" or "Cram Courses" to give you an edge right before you next exam.

In terms of course supplements they are a tie.


Final Recommendation

After deep diving into both of these courses it is clear that for your money Roger CPA Review gives you similar features, better presentation of the material and a better software license than Becker CPA Review.

Being someone who used Becker (and failed multiple times using it) wish I would have discovered Roger CPA Review first.

As someone with a smidgen of ADHD, Roger would have absolutely held my attention better than the Becker videos.

To me the difference in multiple choice questions is just a matter of quantity and not quality and I don't think the increase in price justifies investing in Becker over Roger CPA Review.

As always, don't take my word for it though.

Try each of these courses here to make your final decision!

Roger CPA Review Free Trial

Becker CPA Review Trial


Roger CPA Review Weekly Discounts

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Becker CPA Review vs Roger CPA Review
5 / 5 stars