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CPA Application Checklist

For Brand New Candidates: Every Step You Need To Know To Sign Up For the CPA Exam.

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CPA Failure Recovery Checklist

Failed The CPA Exam? Use This Checklist To Identify What You Need To Do Next To Pass.

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CPA Review Course Cheat Sheet

7 Steps To Finding The Best CPA Review Course For You Based On How You Actually Learn.

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CPA Review Course Discounts

On A Budget? Make Sure You Use These Promo Codes To Save 10-25% Off Top Courses.

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Make Time To Study Cheat Sheet

Follow This Step By Step System To Finding Time To Study No Matter How Busy You Are.

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CPA Score Release Waiting Checklist

Waiting On Your Next Score? Follow These Steps To Stay On Track And Motivated!

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Recommended CPA Exam Blogs and Forums

CPA Exam Guide Blog (Duh!)

CPA Exam Guide Blog covers topics ranging from advice on how I passed the CPA exam to sharing my tips on how I got a job at a Big Four Firm to Accounting Humor! 

Check It Out Here!

Ultimate CPA Exam Guide

A step-by-step proven system to starting, studying & passing the CPA exam. Get free training videos and exclusive study tips.

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Reddit: /r/accounting

A great resource for any aspiring CPA. The community of over 15,000 redditors are always willing to help you out with any questions you may have.

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If there was a TMZ of the accounting world, Going Concern is it. They write articles about everything you could possibly want to know about the Big Four and other accounting firms, salary information, different accounting careers, and a whole lot more.

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Official Accounting Resources

Other Exams / Certifications / Misc.

CMA Exam

If you have any interest in becoming a controller and really don't want to go back to school to get your MBA. Then I highly recommend looking into taking the CMA exam.

Check out everything you need to know at www.cmaguide.com/

EA Exam

Becoming an Enrolled Agent is another layer you can add to your tax career.

Learn everything you need to know about becoming an enrolled agent here at www.theeaguide.com/

CIA Exam

If you have an interest in Internal Audit then you need to take the CIA exam.

You can find the BEST CIA exam prep courses here:

CFA Exam

Are you a Financial Analyst? Then you might want to consider taking the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam.

You can find the BEST CFA exam prep courses here:

Want To Start A CPA Tax Firm?

First step is to start building a client email database. Thankfully there are countless tools at your disposal.

I recommend you start with finding an email marketing software platform that will work for your small business:


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Now that you have all your CPA exam resources it's time to find a CPA review course.

If you want to ensure you go with the best CPA review course for you based on how you actually learn then I highly recommend that you check out my "Compare Top 10 CPA Review Courses List" to find out all the pros and cons of the review courses listed above.

OR shoot me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions

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