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Overview Of Yaeger CPA Review Course

Yaeger CPA Review Course was founded in 1977 by Phil Yaeger and to this day has a remained a family owned business.

Yaeger CPA Review offers comprehensive video lectures, nearly five thousand multiple choice, hundreds of flashcards, fast customer service and a strong community on top of being one of the most affordable CPA Review Courses.

Also you can be assured that Yaeger CPA is updated to follow the new AICPA blueprint content structure for 2017 and beyond and no longer utilizes the old content specific outlines (CSOs) in any of it's 100+ hours of video lectures, approximately 5,000 multiple choice or 110+ simulations.

Let's dive into exactly who I think should use Yaeger CPA Review.

Who Should Buy Yaeger CPA?

If you are a student who learns best from lectures then I think Yaeger CPA should be one of your primary choices.

Their lectures run longer than the other review courses (8 minutes-60+ minutes), but if you can stay focused you will learn massive amounts of information very quickly. 

Yaeger is also updated to include everything you need to know for the 2017 CPA exam. 

Try the Yaeger CPA Assessment Quiz to see if you like Yaeger CPA: Yaeger Assessment

What I Learned About Yaeger

After spending several hours reviewing Yaeger CPA review course, I found that what makes this course really shine is its lectures and Quiz Engine. Dr. Yaeger and his team have developed some of the premier CPA exam material lectures to help you focus on the right topics that will be tested on the CPA exam.  

The Study Planner

When you login to Yaeger for the first time you will want to select the section you plan to start studying for first.

Next you explain exactly how you learn best or would prefer to study. Yaeger will then tailor your experience based on your preference.  

Customizable Study Planner

The Lecture Dashboard (2 Options)

As I mentioned above, Yaeger allows you to tailor the course based on how you learn best (are you more book focused or lecture focused).

So depending on which you select the format will be presented a bit differently (screenshots below)

Now regardless of the option you select, Yaeger CPA offers active syncing which means that as the video lecture plays it will automatically go to the page in the text that is being discussed.

This is a good and bad feature. I might lose focus if the computer is automatically turning the page of the text for me. So you might try it both ways and see which way is more beneficial for you.

You can also bookmark specific areas in the video and leave notes as well which is ideal for candidates who opt not to receive the physical textbooks.

I also like the "Optional Comprehension Check" feature where you can test yourself during the lecture.

Follow along in your book at the lecture plays in Book Learning Focus

Watch the lecture and optionally have your e-textbook open in Visual Focus

Flashcards (Electronic)

Yaeger CPA has a built in Flashcard simulator on their course website. It contains hundreds of flashcards for each section. 

I found them to be very comprehensive, but they lack order. So if I wanted to focus on a specific content group, there is no way to isolate the flashcards to just that content group. 

I think your best bet is to get through the entire course and then use the flashcards in your final review.  

Without flashcards I would not be a CPA today. Use them!

Yaeger Quiz Engine

The Yaeger Quiz Engine is Yaeger's multiple choice database. 

I found the questions to be very comprehensive and the explanations to be useful in helping you learn WHY you got the question right or wrong. 

The Quiz Engine is very easy to create custom quizzes based on specific content groups or even topics which is essential when completing your final review.

Something I hope they add in the future is the ability to see if the question is right or wrong immediately after answering. Right now it just automatically advances to the next question.

But once the quiz is complete you can review all your results and review the explanations so I do recommend flagging any question you are certain of.  

Yaeger Quiz Engine where you will spend ALOT of time

Yaeger "Analytics" Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses Based On AdaptSCORE

Utilize Yaeger's Comprehensive Explanations To Teach Yourself The Material

Notes and Bookmarks

Yaeger has some of the easiest to use electronic note taking and bookmark tools.

I really found these features to be useful for people who prefer to not take paper notes and also handy for creating reminders for students who want to visit a difficult topic at a later date.

Use the electronic Notes and Bookmarks feature to save difficult topics you want to re-visit.

CPA Exam Practice Prep

Yaeger CPA Review also allows you to create "Practice Exams" which mirror the real deal.

They don't break the exam up into individual testlets, but you can use your imagination.


Community & Game Center

Yaeger offers a fully functional forum that has Yaeger staff monitoring and assisting you.

This is perfect for when you have a specific question that needs to be address.

Yaeger also offers a Game Center where you can compete with fellow CPA candidates by taking multiple choice quizzes. I'm not sure how beneficial this feature is to keeping you focused but is absolutely an outside the box kind of idea to keep you motivated.

Post your questions in the Yaeger Community Forums

Final Thoughts

Yaeger CPA has been making improvements to keep up with their competition and I think they are well on their way to matching the technological improvements that are needed to be a key player in the CPA review course industry.

If you are serious about Yaeger CPA, I think that you need to try out their free demo and give their course a try to see if you agree with my assessment. 

Try Yaeger CPA Here

Yaeger CPA Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Direct Access

Yaeger Live Instructor Hotline provides direct access to the Yaeger team.


Dr. Yaeger and his instructors have very comprehensive lectures that cover the material well (100+ hours of video lectures).


Yaeger CPA review course is competitively priced for the quality and quantity of materials you receive.  

Course Access

Yaeger gives you 18 month access (up to 24 months) to all their online software.

Study Planner

Yaeger provides a study planner based on your expected total study hours per week or by

iPhone App

Yaeger Flashcards are available on mobile and iPhone


Yaeger assigns a score to each content group based on total time spent watching lectures + your homework % correct. You can use this score to track how well you are prepared based on your results from the 5,000 multiple choice and 109 simulations. 

Video Lectures

While the quality of the lectures are great, the lecturers themselves I found to be dry compared to other review course instructors in the industry (compare to Roger CPA Review). 


Yaeger's multiple choice analytics are broken out by content groups, but are a bit limited compared to Gleim CPA Review or Wiley CPAexcel.


While having flashcards is great, you can't organize them by topic or content group. Really only useful if you have gone through the entire course.

Exam Simulation

Very minor complaint, but during the exam simulation all questions are lumped together into one testlet. The real CPA exam won't do this.

My Suggestion:

Based on the positive feedback from viewers and reviewing the resources that Yaeger has to offer, I do recommend Yaeger CPA Review Course to anyone considering to sit for the CPA exam or currently looking for an alternative CPA Review Course. 

It is one of the most state of the art CPA review courses available and is constantly improving. 

I would like to see some improvement in the multiple choice analytics as they are only available at the individual content group level (as opposed to the accounting topic level) but they still get the job done at the end of the day.

For the price Yaeger CPA Review is tough to beat.

NOTE: If you are still unsure how you learn best and whether Yaeger CPA is absolutely the best course for you I would be glad to assist you in your decision:

My email: [email protected]
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Yaeger CPA Review Course
8 / 10 stars

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