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Last Updated 12/3/2017:

Greetings Future CPA! My name is Bryan Kesler, and I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of North Carolina.

The ONLY reason I passed the CPA exam, is because I found the best CPA course for me based on my study personality. I want to help you do the same...

Every CPA prep course company is going to claim to have the best CPA course, but the reality is that they all borrow from the same source material. This is why understanding HOW each CPA review course presents the material is crucial to you passing the CPA exam.

Don't just pick the most expensive (or cheapest) CPA review because choosing the wrong CPA prep course can be costly and you could waste hundreds of study hours (and I would know because I picked the wrong one... more on that later).

Once you have found the right CPA course for you based on the chart below be sure to check out the CPA review discounts for your course!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a referral fee if you decide to invest in a course listed below. Please understand that I have personal experience with all of these courses and used 2 of them to pass the CPA exam, and I recommend them because I know that they will help you do the same, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please only use my links if you feel that I have helped you in your review course decision. Also note that the coupon codes listed on this page may or may NOT have an expiration date. However the coupon codes offered are constantly changing so assume they won't be available forever.

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Wiley CPAexcel CPA Online Course Roger CPA Review Prep Course Surgent CPA Review Test Prep Gleim CPA Review Course Yaeger CPA Review Course Becker CPA Review Course









Most CPA Exam Questions & Bite Sized Lessons

Most Entertaining Lectures

Best Adaptive Learning Technology

Best Multiple Choice Analytics

Best Customer Service

Most Recommended by the Big Four


$2,450 $1,960

$2,095 $1,886

$2,299 $1,839

$1,599 $1,439

$1,199 $1,019



Save Up To $367-$490

Show Discount(s)

Save Up To $209-$869

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Save Up To $459-$1,000

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Save 10% ($159)

Apply Discount

Save 15% ($180)

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No Discounts


For future CPAs who like constantly rotating between lectures, reading text and multiple choice.


Folks who get bored in class easily and need an engaging lecturer to keep things entertaining.


Ideal for candidates who want a guided learning experience based on multiple choice questions.


Ideal for self-studiers who are motivated and learn best by in-depth CPA test prep textbooks and multiple choice.


Ideal for CPA candidates who learn from video lectures and text and need support directly from instructors.


For CPA candidates with strong attention spans and prefers a "live" classroom setting (and who aren't paying for it themselves!)



















350 Mini Video Lectures





Get Financing

Get Financing

Get 0% APR Financing




Elite Only

24 Months

18 months



$225 – $295 per Section

$165 per Section


Professor Mentoring – 24 Hour Response Time

24/7 Homework Help Center

Dedicated CPA exam coach, live chat, email & phone support

Personal Counselor – Phone & Email Support

Instructor Hotline Phone & Email Support

Message Board, Phone & Email Support


Read / Watch Review

Read / Watch Review

Read / Watch Review

Read / Watch Review

Read / Watch Review

Read / Watch Review


Wiley CPAexcel

Free Trial Of Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review

Roger CPA

Free Trial Of Roger CPA Review

Surgent CPA

Free Trial Of Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA

Free Trial Of Gleim CPA Review

Yaeger CPA

Free Trial Of Gleim CPA Review

Becker CPA

Free Trial Of Becker CPA Review

Breakdown Of Top Online CPA Courses By Features, Pros and Cons & Discounts

#1: Wiley CPAexcel Review


Wiley CPAexcel Review Course

If I had to retake the CPA exam again then I would without a doubt choose Wiley CPAexcel's CPA preparation program.

Wiley CPAexcel has everything you need to pass the CPA exam and more.

Based on my experience using their CPA study software, CPA exam mobile apps, Wiley CPA online test bank, and printed/electronic flashcards, Wiley CPAexcel helps you study smarter based on your study personality. 

The shining feature of Wiley CPAexcel is that they understand you don't have time to sit through 3-4 hour lectures.

They split up all of there video lectures into "bite-sized" increments and give you the ability to access their course via smart phone or your computer and it all stays synced up so you can truly study anywhere at anytime. 

Lastly, the best feature of all three products offered by Wiley CPAexcel (includes Silver, Video Gold Medal, and Platinum) is that their course does not expire until a year after you pass!

cpa review courses

Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course Includes:

Bite-Sized Lectures - Comprehensive CPA Review Books -12,000+ CPA Exam Review Questions - 4,200+ Digital CPA Exam Flashcards - Unlimited Access Until You Pass + Focus Notes

Want To Learn More About Wiley CPAexcel?

Wiley CPAexcel 2018
Video Walkthrough

What You Will Learn By Watching:

* What I like and dislike about Wiley CPAexcel
* How the course works and what the learning flow is like
* Sample Lectures, Multiple Choice & Simulations

Frequently Asked Questions About Wiley CPAexcel

Q: Does unlimited access until I pass really mean unlimited?

A: Yep! I confirmed with Wiley CPAexcel that every year they send you an email asking if you still need access to their online CPA course and CPA study guides and they automatically renew your access until you pass. I love it with courses stand behind their product.

Q: Does the Wiley CPAexcel mobile app sync with the computer software?

A: Absolutely! Wiley CPAexcel just upgraded their Android and iPhone apps to do just this. They hands down have the best smart-phone app in the industry for CPA candidates on the go.

Who I Think Should Use Wiley CPAexcel

Brand New CPA Candidates

Wiley CPAexcel is the course I would use if I had to start the whole CPA exam process over from scratch. Don't take my word for it though, sign up for the Wiley CPAexcel's 14 Day Free CPA Review Trial and compare it to:
Roger CPA Review free CPA review trial &
Gleim CPA's free CPA review trial

Struggling CPA Candidates

Wiley CPAexcel offers the MOST CPA exam questions in the industry. So it's almost a no-brainer to at least invest in their test bank if you need fresh questions.

The bite-sized lectures might fit your learning style better since you will be cycling quickly between lectures, questions and your text.

Need Structure or Self-Studiers

What I love about CPAexcel is that you can tailor the course to fit your learning style. If you want you can follow their lectures and rigid study structure.

Or you can utilize one of their self-study programs and go at your own pace.

Not Sure Where You Fit? Take This Free CPA Exam Study Personality Quiz & I Will Send You 100 Free CPA Exam Questions & Answers

CPA Study Personality
Quiz Here

Wiley CPAexcel 2018 Pros & Cons

What Everyone Needs To Know About Wiley CPAexcel

Multiple Choice

12,000 CPA Review Questions & 600+ Simulations (With Platinum Course - most in industry)

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Option for those who need "live" online CPA review classes to keep you accountable (Included w/ Platinum Course)

Unlimited Access

Wiley CPAexcel won't expire until a year AFTER you pass the CPA exam. They stand behind their product and don't require you to make expensive renewals if you can't pass in a set time period! 

Lecture Size

The "Bite-sized lectures" allow you to spend more time to spend with your CPA exam study materials and less time highlighting!

Study Planner

The Wiley CPAexcel study planner is fully automated and adjusts to your ever changing schedule

Mobile Apps

Multiple Choice Quiz and Flashcard Mobile apps available for Android and iPhone 


Team of experienced teachers and professionals write each textbook and record lectures

Video Lectures

Lectures can be a bit dry, that being said the content is very efficiently presented and relevant to your studying and presented in 10-20 minute chunks so they keep you on your toes. 


The Wiley CPAexcel software takes a bit to fully understand. But it shouldn't take you longer than an hour to figure out all the bells and whistles.

Wiley CPAexcel Discount Codes

Find the CPAexcel discount that will work best for your budget below!

To Claim Your Discount Before They Expire

Wiley CPAexcel Weekly Promo


*Access Your Discount Before Time Runs Out*

Wiley CPAexcel Gold Course $370 Discount


Wiley CPAexcel Silver Course $340 Discount


Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course $367.50 Discount


NOTE: Click any of the orange buttons and a new window/tab will open that will reveal your coupon code. You can easily copy this coupon code and then paste it at checkout.
TERMS: May be combined with the offers advertised on the Wiley CPAexcel's website. May not be combined with other offers or coupon codes.

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#2: Roger CPA Review


Roger CPA Review Course

Are you like me and lose focus within 5 minutes of watching an accounting lecture?

You need to consider using the "Roger Method" to keep you focused and on track.

Roger Philipp, CPA of Roger CPA Review mixes the best teaching style and useful mnemonics I have seen in any CPA review course.

Roger CPA Review has hands down THE most engaging video lectures I have ever seen, and have the unique ability of turn boring CPA exam textbook materials into a format that will peak your interest and keep you focused when you start studying multiple hours per day.

This is not your normal CPA exam prep course.

Roger CPA Review Elite Course Includes:

100+ Hours Of Video Lectures + 6,200+ Multiple Choice + Unlimited Access With Elite Course + Electronic & Physical CPA Review Textbooks + Offline Lectures + Online Cram Course + Audio Lectures + Flashcards

Want To Learn More About Roger CPA Review?

Roger CPA Review 2018
Video Walkthrough

What You Will Learn By Watching:

* What I like and dislike about Roger CPA Review
* How the course works and what the learning flow is like
* Sample Lectures, Multiple Choice & Simulations

Frequently Asked Questions About Roger CPA Review

Q: How Do Roger CPA Review's multiple choice compare to other courses?

A: Roger CPA Review now has 6,200+ multiple choice questions with detailed explanations and comprehensive analytics to go with them. Absolutely on par with the other review courses in the industry.

Q: What does Roger CPA Reviews customer support look like?

A: Roger CPA Review has actual CPAs on staff to answer your questions and you should receive a response within 24 hours or less

Who I Think Should Use Roger CPA Review:

Brand New CPA Candidates

Roger CPA Review is ideal for CPA candidates who haven't begun studying yet. Absolutely sign up for the Roger CPA Review free trial and compare it to:

Wiley CPAexcel's 14 Day Trial
Gleim CPA Review's Trial

Struggling CPA Candidates

If the CPA exam is kicking your butt a bit, then Roger CPA Review is absolutely a course you should check out to replace or supplement your current course.

I found Roger Philipp to be the most engaging lecturer who can explain complex topics and make them easy to understand.

Short Attention Spans

If you are like me and have a bit of ADHD, then you might want to consider Roger CPA Review for it's engaging lectures.

These aren't your typical monotone video lectures.

Not Sure Where You Fit? Take This Free CPA Exam Study Personality Quiz

CPA Study Personality
Quiz Here

Roger CPA Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!

Entertainment Value

Roger Philipp, CPA is hands down the most entertaining and enthusiastic of all the CPA review course lecturers


Roger loves using mnemonics to help you learn and remember the CPA exam textbook materials

New Multiple Choice

New for 2017, the Roger CPA Team developed a custom multiple choice engine with 6,200+ questions and fully featured diagnostic tools. You can now easily identify your strengths and weaknesses as you progress through the materials. I am hoping more questions will be added in the future as they do offer few than their competition.


Some of the best customer support in the industry with real CPAs on staff and less than 24 hour typical response time even over the weekend.


200+ Printed flashcards available for each section and a multiple choice iPhone App available. (3,400+ multiple choice questions.) If you like listening to podcasts, then you will like the Roger MP3 lectures which you can take with you and listen anywhere!


Roger CPA Review offers Financing Plans for students on a budget

No Android Apps

Android Apps are not available currently for multiple choice or flashcards.

No Live/Virtual classroom

Video lectures are the only option available. No live classrooms or virtual classrooms offered.

No Unlimited Access For Select Or Premier

If you invest in the full Elite Roger CPA Review Course you will get unlimited access until you pass, but any of their lower tier programs will only offer 18-24 months access.

Roger CPA Discount Codes

Don't Pay Full Price For Roger CPA Review! I Got Your Back!

To Claim Your Discount Before They Expire

Roger CPA Review Weekly Discounts


Roger CPA Review 10% Off Premier Package


Roger CPA Review 10% Off Elite Package


NOTE: Click any of the orange buttons and a new window/tab will open that will reveal your coupon code. You can easily copy this coupon code and then paste it at checkout.
TERMS: May be combined with the offers advertised on the Roger CPA website. May not be combined with other offers or coupon codes.

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#3: Surgent CPA Review


Surgent CPA Review Course

Liz Kolar, CPA (25 year CPA exam prep instructor) and Jack Surgent, CPA (leading CPE course provider) have teamed up to create Surgent CPA Review.

Surgent's goal is to help you pass the CPA exam by studying 50+ hours LESS than the other linear CPA review courses.

They claim to be able to do this by using adaptive learning technology that will create a customized learning experience unique for every student based on his/her previous knowledge of the accounting materials.

Sound unlike anything you have read about? Click the 'Read My Full Review' button below to see if they live up to their claim or watch my full video review of their course below.

Surgent CPA Review Course Includes:

350+ Video Lectures + 6,800+ Questions + 400 Task Based Simulations + Digital Flashcards + Unlimited Access Until You Pass + Electronic Textbook

Want To Learn More About Surgent CPA Review?

Surgent CPA Review
2018 Video Walkthrough

What You Will Learn By Watching:

* What I like and dislike about Surgent CPA Review
* How the course works and what the learning flow is like
* Sample Lectures, Multiple Choice & Simulations

Frequently Asked Questions About Surgent CPA Review

Q: What is this adaptive learning all about?

A: Surgent CPA Review utilizes an algorithm to determine what you know and don't know based on your multiple choice answers. In theory this will save you a significant amount of time by helping you focus your time on topics you don't know.

Q: Is there an option to NOT use Adaptive learning?

A: Not currently, unlike other CPA Review Courses, Surgent CPA Review doesn't have a linear learning plan. In fact they urge you NOT to read the entire textbook and just rely on your practice exam results to identify what you need to read.

Surgent CPA Pros & Cons

Read These Before Investing In Surgent CPA Review

Multiple Choice

6,000 Multiple Choice & 250+ Simulations that are part of Surgent CPA Reviews Adaptive Studying Technology

Video Lectures

While other adaptive learning CPA review courses have basically the same technology as Surgent CPA Review, Surgent beats them by offering 350+ video lectures.

Pass Guarantee

Surgent CPA Review is so confident in their product that they offer a pass guarantee or your money back. They also throw in unlimited access until you pass.

Lecture Size

Liz and Jack use short concise videos to explain complex accounting topics to you.

Mobile Apps

Offer a free Surgent CPA exam flashcards mobile app that is easily a $150 value when you look at what other CPA Review Courses typically charge.


Along with Liz and Jack, there is a team of experienced teachers and professionals that assist in writing each textbook and scripting lectures


The Surgent CPA Review Textbook reads like a dictionary with no real life case studies or problem examples and explanations. However each multiple choice is linked directly to the text and if you don't understand a topic from the text then their should be a video lecture with a study guide to provide additional clarification.

Acquired Study Taste

Their course format is unlike any of the tried and true CPA review courses that have been around for decades. There just isn't enough data currently available for me to determine if this method of studying is truly more effective than the linear approach. If you (or anyone you know) is using Surgent CPA as his/her only CPA Review Course please have them contact me @ [email protected]


When you compare the other products in the industry that are similar to Surgent CPA Review (Fast Forward Academy and ExamMatrix). Surgent is definitely priced as a premium product at $1,276 (if you use my 20% discount code "CPAEXAMGUIDE"). This is likely due to the 350+ video lectures that Surgent includes.

Surgent CPA Review Discount Codes

Save 20% or $319 off the full price of Surgent CPA Review

Did This Review Help You? I'd Love For You To Save BIG!
Click The Best Promo Button Below To Start.

Surgent CPA Review Weekly Promo


*Access Your Discount Before Time Runs Out*

Surgent CPA Review 20% (Up To $459) Off Discount Code


Surgent CPA Review Interest Free Financing Plan


*Click Orange Button Below To Qualify*

Switching CPA Review Courses? Get $1,000 Off Surgent CPA Review Here


*Click Orange Button Below To See If You Qualify*

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#4: Gleim CPA Review


Gleim CPA Review Course

Without Gleim CPA review course, I can honestly say I would not be a CPA today... 

When my other review course expired, I would not have been able to pass without the help of Dr. Gleim and his team... 

I found that Gleim CPA Review is best suited for students/professionals who want thousands of multiple choice, the most simulations, a Personal CPA Counselor, and need full access to the course until you pass. 

Additionally, in 2015, Dr. Gleim has introduced video classroom lectures for all four sections of the CPA exam. With this new addition, Gleim now offers you all of the same features of a $3,400 course, but for a third of the cost!

If you learn best by teaching yourself with the help of video lectures and by doing thousands of multiple choice questions then Gleim is without a doubt your best bet.

Gleim CPA Premium Review Course Includes:

10,000+ Multiple Choice + 100+ Hours of Video Lectures + Unlimited Access Until You Pass + Electronic & Physical Textbooks + Gleim Personal Counselor

Want To Learn More About Gleim CPA?

Gleim CPA Review
2018 Video Walkthrough

What You Will Learn By Watching:

* What I like and dislike about Gleim CPA Review
* How the course works and what the learning flow is like
* Sample Lectures, Multiple Choice & Simulations

Frequently Asked Questions About Gleim CPA Review

Q: Does Gleim CPA Review cover TOO much information?

A: Gleim CPA Review does have some of the most in-depth study materials and the 2nd most CPA exam questions, but it's all about how YOU utilize their course. Gleim CPA Review would rather give you everything possible you could need to know and then give you the tools to narrow your focus.

Q: What's Gleim's customer support like?

A: Gleim assigns you a personal accounting expert that will help you with any questions you may have.

Who I Think Should Use Gleim CPA Review

Brand New CPA Candidates

Gleim CPA Review Course was one of the review courses I used to pass the CPA exam. I highly recommend it for it's thoroughness for less experienced CPA candidates. Test it out for free with the Gleim CPA Review's Trial and compare it to:
Roger CPA Review free trial & Wiley CPAexcel's 14 Day Trial

Struggling CPA Candidates

Gleim CPA Review has tons of multiple choice questions and simulations that you can use to recover from failure.

Gleim CPA Review also offers the best multiple choice analytics (in my opinion) so you can identify your weaknesses.

Need Structure or Self-Studiers

Gleim CPA Review is ideal for Self-Studiers who prefer to take thousands of multiple choice questions and teach themselves from in-depth text and question explanations.

Gleim also offers a significant amount of video lectures to go along with their text and questions.

Not Sure Where You Fit? Take This Free CPA Exam Study Personality Quiz

CPA Study Personality
Quiz Here

Gleim CPA Pros & Cons

Make Sure Gleim CPA Will Work For You

Best Analytics

The best CPA question analytics and Simulation wizard in the industry. Gleim CPA Review makes it simple to monitor your understanding of the material and where to spend your time studying.


Expansive Study Materials that more than prepare you to sit for the CPA exam. The text also compliments their Gleim Instruct videos.

Study Planner

Built in and fully customizable study planner to help you stay on schedule.

Multiple Choice

Over 10,000 multiple choice and simulations with new adaptive learning technology that will help you select which questions to take based on your progress.

Personal Counselor

A personal counselor is assigned to you to assist you in your CPA exam journey (Premium Only)

Unlimited Access

Access Until You Pass Guarantee (Premium only). I love it when review courses stand behind their course and are willing to stick with you until you pass.

Video Lectures

Gleim Instruct now includes 100+ hours of video however their dashboard is still limited by the fact that there is no side by side video and e-textbook. I hope that this feature will be added in the future to make it easier to use.


The Gleim materials are so extensive that they cover literally every possible topic you could encounter. This can make it harder to identify which areas to focus on. However, you can NEVER know too much information when studying for the CPA exam.

No Flashcards

Flashcards are not available (as of 1/15/16)

Gleim CPA Discount Codes

Use The Link Below If This Review Helped And You Want To Help Support My Site :)

Did This Review Help You? I'd Love For You To Save BIG!

Gleim CPA Review Weekly Discount (10% Off)


NOTE: To receive 10% discount please click the link above.
TERMS:May be combined with the offers advertised on the Gleim's website. May not be combined with other offers or coupon codes.

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#5: Yaeger CPA Review


As a small business owner myself, I know that customer service means everything. I have found that Yaeger provides superior customer service and a comprehensive product that has been proven to give great results. 

Yaeger CPA review is now based completely on the new AICPA blueprints in it's 100+ hours of video lectures, nearly 5,000 multiple choice & 110+ simulations.

Yaeger is currently the most affordable course that includes full video lectures so if you are on a budget they are certainly worth checking out.

Yaeger CPA Review Course Includes:

100+ Hours of Video Lectures + 5,000 Multiple Choice Questions + Digital Flashcards + Up To 24 Months Access + Electronic & Physical Textbooks + 1 on 1 Customer Support

Want To Learn More About Yaeger CPA?

Yaeger CPA Review
2018 Video Walkthrough

What You Will Learn By Watching:

* What I like and dislike about Yaeger CPA Review
* How the course works and what the learning flow is like
* Sample Lectures, Multiple Choice & Simulations

Frequently Asked Questions About Yaeger CPA Review

Q: Is Yaeger CPA Review going out of business?

A: Nope! I confirmed with their team that they are in this for the long haul and have opened back up for business stronger than ever with a brand new adaptive learning multiple choice test bank and updated 2017 lectures.

Q: Is Yaeger CPA Review Mobile ready?

A: Yaeger CPA Review has a mobile app for flashcards and you can access the course software via your mobile browser. This isn't ideal but it still works when you are on a time crunch!

Yaeger CPA 2018 Pros & Cons

Good Customer Service, Average Lectures and Multiple Choice

Direct Access

Yaeger Live Instructor Hotline provides direct access to the Yaeger team.


Dr. Yaeger and his instructors have very comprehensive lectures that cover the material well (100+ hours of video lectures).


Yaeger CPA review course is competitively priced for the quality and quantity of materials you receive.  

Course Access

Yaeger gives you 18 month access (up to 24 months) to all their online software.

Study Planner

Yaeger provides a study planner based on your expected total study hours per week

iPhone App

Yaeger Flashcards are available on mobile and iPhone


Yaeger assigns a score to each content group based on total time spent watching lectures + your homework % correct. You can use this score to track how well you are prepared based on your results from completing their 5,000 multiple choice & 110+ simulations. 

Video Lectures

While the quality of the lectures are great, the lecturers themselves I found to be dry compared to other review course instructors in the industry (compare to Roger CPA Review). 


Yaeger's multiple choice analytics are broken out by content groups, but are a bit limited compared to Gleim CPA Review or Wiley CPAexcel.


While having flashcards is great, you can't organize them by topic or content group. Really only useful if you have gone through the entire course.

Exam Simulation

Very minor complaint, but during the exam simulation all questions are lumped together into one test-let. The real CPA exam won't do this.

Yaeger CPA Discount Codes

Biggest Discount Offered On CPA Exam Guide

Did This Review Help You? I'd Love For You To Save BIG!

Yaeger CPA Review Weekly Discount

SAVE: Up to $164.65 off the Yaeger Full Home-study Course when you use CPAGUIDE at checkout!

NOTE: To receive $164.65 discount please click the button above.
TERMS: May be combined with the offers advertised on the Yaeger CPA's website. May not be combined with other offers or coupon codes.

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#6: Becker CPA Review


Becker CPA Review Course

Becker CPA Review is the gold standard name in the CPA review course industry.

They have been helping CPA candidates pass the CPA exam since the 1960s and have the most expensive CPA review course recommended by universities and firms around the world.

So does most expensive course mean that Becker is the best?

While Becker has a great course that works for many people, it does not cater to every type of studier. 

If you are considering Becker CPA Review, then please read on!


Becker CPA Review For You?
See If Current Discounts Are Available

Want To Learn More About Becker CPA?

Becker CPA Recommendation:  
My personal story with Becker CPA...

Based on my experience with Becker, just like every other CPA review course, they have a very specific target audience. You need to be 100% sure that Becker is going to work for you before investing $3,000+.

My Recommendation:
Before you go out and invest in Becker, I would recommend giving the free trials from Wiley CPAexcel, Gleim CPA Review or Roger CPA Review a try to ensure that you go with the course that matches how you learn best.

These three courses offer basically the same product as Becker CPA but present the material in a more efficient way (in my opinion) and are much more affordable.

Link: Roger CPA Review Trial
Link: Gleim CPA Review Trial
Link: Wiley CPAexcel 14 Day Trial

If you are totally set on trying out Becker, then don't make the same mistake I did and perform Becker's multiple choice questions over and over again. I would make another small investment in purchasing individual multiple choice test banks from either Gleim or Wiley. I would not be a CPA today if I had not done this.

Link: Gleim Test Banks
Link: Wiley Test Banks

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Becker CPA Review Course Pros & Cons

Just because a course is expensive doesn't mean it's the best.


Written materials are top notch with plenty of examples and mnemonics

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice explanations are excellent and will help you truly understand why a question is right or wrong.


Some of the best Flashcards in the industry with detailed definitions of the most tested material.

Study Planner

Excellent study planner that keeps you on track and is fully customizable.


Unless Becker CPA Review matches exactly how you learn best, it probably doesn’t make sense to spend 2-3 times more than a similar CPA Review Course that offers pretty much the same features.

Live Classes

Live Classes are in 4 hour sessions and involve an accounting professor playing the video lectures for you. The only real advantage would be the ability to ask the live instructor a question. But personally I would rather have the ability to pause and rewind the lectures if I missed something.


18 Month Expiration. If I am going to spend $3K+ on a CPA review course I never want to lose access to it. I admire any CPA review course that is willing to stand behind their product and guarantee me access until I pass the CPA exam.

Customer Service

Expect 2 full business days for a response per their website. The majority of students study during the weekend and need a quick response.

Becker CPA Review Discount Codes

No CPA Exam Guide Discounts Currently Available

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Take Me To Becker Review

#7: Fast Forward Academy CPA Review


Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course

Fast Forward Academy tries to break the one size fits all review course model and has created a course that is catered specifically to you. They are taking a very unique approach to helping you study for the CPA exam. 

Fast Forward Academy has developed very powerful analytical tools that are designed to pin point your weaknesses and force you to focus on them until you have mastered the content and are ready to pass the CPA exam!

Fast Forward Academy is one of the most affordable CPA review course currently available, and it guarantees you will pass the CPA exam. The best part is that it is thousands of dollars less expensive than other review courses.

Without a doubt you need to try the Fast Forward Academy Trial out before you consider using them as your primary course. I don't want any of their features or lack of video lectures to catch you off guard. They have a totally different take on how to study for the CPA exam.

Fast Forward Academy For You?
See Current Discounts Available

Want To Learn More About Fast Forward Academy CPA?

Fast Forward Academy CPA 2018 Pros & Cons

FFA Attempts to Help You Pass Without Linear Video Lectures

Multiple Choice

More than 6,200 multiple choice questions and simulations

Education Technology

Utilizes their education technology software to identify your weakness and increase your efficiency.


One of the most affordable review courses currently available. 


Fast Forward Academy website is fully responsive which means it works on mobile, tablet, and computer

Study Planner

The Fast Forward Academy Study Planner helps you plan out your study schedule well in advance and can send you notifications.


The Fast Forward Academy Community is a great resource to have and to compare your results.

Video Lectures

Video lectures only provided for multiple choice explanations of most missed questions.

Study Process

Utilizes a very unique study process that some students may not appreciate.

Newer Course

Still a newer and improving course and it lacks the established reputation of the other more well known courses.

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#8: ExamMatrix CPA Review


ExamMatrix CPA Review Course

ExamMatrix is one of the leaders in innovative CPA studying technology. 

They have licensed their multiple choice to companies such as Surgent Kolar CPA Review and Ninja CPA Review who have built their courses around ExamMatrix's Adaptive Learning Software.

In the past 11 years ExamMatrix honed their review course analytics to be some of the most effective and efficient in identifying your areas of weakness and strengths. With this "adaptive learning technology" their goal is to eliminate any unnecessary studying of topics that you have already mastered.

It may surprise you to hear that ExamMatrix does not have any video lectures, which may seem like a radical change to the standard CPA review course model. That being said, I still think that some of you may find ExamMatrix to be a good fit for your study schedule.

ExamMatrix CPA Review For You?
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Exam Matrix CPA 2018 Pros & Cons

Are you a self-studier? Or do you just need some extra multiple choice?

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive Technology Learning delivers the material you need to know in an efficient and effective manner


One of the most affordable review courses on the market

Multiple Choice

Over 5,900 multiple choice questions 

Pass Guarantee

ExamMatrix stands behind the effectiveness of their course, and offers a pass or full refund guarantee


24 month subscription at an affordable price

Cram Course

ExamMatrix offers a Cram Course to give you that final push

Video Lectures

Lacks Video/Audio Lectures - if you need structure to keep you going then I would keep looking

No Flashcards

No flashcards or mobile apps - these are very important tools that most CPA candidates need


Textbooks are not as comprehensive as other review courses. Text is made up of brief statements, lacks real world examples and makes it difficult to determine important topics.

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#9: MDS CPA Review


My Steve Martin MDS CPA Rating Summary

Steve Martin has developed a comprehensive in-house CPA review course that I believe has potential to become one of the better review courses currently available. Especially if you live in Ohio and are able to attend Steve's live courses which are where his course is at its best.

His online course lacks a good tracking system to monitor your multiple choice progress which puts it behind many of the other review courses, but Steve has still taken the best parts of Becker and condensed them into 72+ hours of lectures and 5,000+ multiple choice.

I had an opportunity to interview Steve and I really think you will enjoy our conversation. Listen Here


MDS CPA Review For You?
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Steve Martin MDS CPA 2018 Pros & Cons

Boils Down To How Much You Like Steve Martin

Steve Martin Himself

Excellent lectures and study materials, Steve Martin's lectures will keep you focused by not being over the top while not being too dry at the same time.

Repeat Privilege

Free Repeat Privilege is a fantastic option for people who are struggling with the exam.


Does not rely on any external sources for homework so the lectures flow together very nicely

Multiple Choice

Over 72 hours of lectures and 5,000+ multiple choice with full explanations

Customer Service

A direct line to Steve Martin himself if you have any questions related to the exam.

No Analytics

Lacks a good system of keeping tracking of your multiple choice performance, but I found that taking screenshots of questions you struggle with can help you come back to the areas you are not understanding.

Study Planner

Only has a basic study calendar plan for 15 weeks, 6 months or 12 months, other courses have a more interactive study calendar so you have to set up your own schedule and stick to it.

Internet Access

Multiple Choice and Lecture are all online so Internet access is always required. MDS stopped offering DVD and flash drive courses due to the content getting outdated. So by keeping it online they are able to provide you with the most up to date materials, which is a good thing for those of you who may end up procrastinating.

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Didn't Make My Top 9... And Why  
I want you to know that these courses exist, and why I didn't include them

These courses are also offered but did not make my Top 9 CPA Review Course list. Refer below for my assessment of the pros and cons of each course and my determination for why they don't get ranked above. 

#10: Ninja CPA Review

Ninja CPA Review is currently run by Jeff Elliott of (most popular CPA exam forum). The Ninja CPA Review product line contains study notes, audio notes, and a test bank of 6,500+ multiple choice and 200+ simulations powered by the ExamMatrix test engine. After reviewing the products offered I absolutely recommend them for any candidate who needs some extra study supplements or fresh multiple choice (see supplements listed below), but at this time can't recommend Ninja CPA review as a primary CPA review course when compared to Roger CPA review, Wiley CPAexcel or Gleim CPA Review.

#11: Kaplan CPA Review

Was purchased by Wiley CPAexcel in 08/2015.

#12: Bisk CPA Exam Review

Is an American CPA review course that has been discontinued as of 03/2016, but was just purchased by Not sure what is going to become of this course in the future, but will keep my eye on it.

#13: Lambers CPA Review

After reviewing Lambers the course is not up to par compared to the other CPA review courses available.

#14: CPA Review For Free

Was purchased by Fast Forward Academy and is now part of a free trial offered by them. It also has a CPA review course comparison page but obviously it's a bit biased as it's owned by Fast Forward Academy and doesn't include CPAexcel or Gleim or Surgent so take it with a grain of salt.

Best CPA Exam Supplements

Best CPA Exam Multiple Choice Test Banks Below:

CPA Exam Test Banks

CPA Exam Test Banks are an essential part of any CPA candidates journey to passing the CPA exam.

I personally would not be a CPA today if it wasn't for the fresh multiple choice that Gleim CPA Review offered and here's why.

I had already gone through my entire primary CPA review course twice before it expired and here's what happened.

I had memorized all the answers to the multiple choice questions.

It gave me a false confidence that I "Understood" the material but the reality was that I had just memorized which option was correct.

So instead of renewing my primary CPA review course I invested in a CPA exam test bank with fresh multiple choice questions.

This way I was truly testing myself on the material instead of just regurgitating what I had memorized.

Here are some of the BEST CPA exam multiple choice test banks for CPA candidates currently available.

Gleim Megabank
#1: Gleim CPA Review MegaBank

Gleim CPA Review includes their MegaBank with their full CPA review course, but also offers their MegaBank as a piecemeal product for

Gleim CPA Review

Wiley CPA Test Bank
#2: Wiley CPAexcel Online Test Bank

Wiley & Sons original CPA Exam Test Bank is now Wiley CPAexcel Test Bank. It still features thousands of multiple choice questions and advanced analytics.

Wiley CPAexcel
Test Bank

Wiley CPA Test Bank
#3: Ninja CPA MCQs

If you want affordable multiple choice questions, look no further than Another71's Ninja MCQs. They are powered by ExamMatrix's CPA testing engine and includes 6,500+ MCQs + hundreds of test sims.

Test Bank

Best CPA Exam Printed Flashcards Below:

CPA Exam Flashcards

CPA exam pre-made flashcards save time.

Creating your own flashcards might feel like you are accomplishing something but the reality is that it's busy work that is inefficient compared to answering multiple choice questions.

The best part of pre-made flashcards is that you know that the material on them are important and likely to be tested.

When you make your own it could be on a topic that is rarely tested.

If you CPA review course offers pre-made flashcards absolutely use them, if not then these options can work for you as well.

Roger CPA Review Flashcards
#1: Roger CPA Review CPA Exam Flashcards

Roger CPA Review offers hundreds of print flashcards that come in a convenient spindle. Each card has two definitions on the front and a detailed explanation on the reverse.

Roger CPA Review

Wiley CPAexcel Flashcards
#2: Wiley CPAexcel CPA Exam Flashcards

Wiley CPAexcel includes hundreds of printed flashcards for each section of the CPA exam with their Platinum course. Each note-card has one definition with an explanation on the back.

Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley CPAexcel Flashcards

#3: Becker CPA Review CPA Exam Flashcards

Becker CPA Review has the option to purchase printed flashcards for their course. These flashcards are perfect to use with any CPA review course.

Becker CPA Review

Wiley CPAexcel Flashcards
#4: Ninja Flashcards

Another71 offers 1,354 flashcards on a service called Brainscape. Over 10,000 CPA Candidates according to Brainscape are using these flashcards. If you have a smart-phone this will be a good option for you.


Best CPA Exam Mobile Apps Below:

CPA Exam Mobile Study Apps

CPA exam mobile study apps are a relatively new invention and are perfect for Auditors or accountants on the go.

Depending on your CPA review course some mobile apps are a supplement and other are actually part of the primary CPA review course.

Here are the most popular CPA exam study apps.

Roger CPA Review Mobile App
#1: Roger CPA Review Mobile Apps

Roger CPA Review offers two iPhone apps for it's students. The first is a multiple choice app with other 3,400+ questions and the second is a flashcard app.

Roger CPA Review

Surgent CPA Review Mobile App
#2: Surgent CPA Review Mobile Apps

Surgent CPA Review offers a completely free Flashcard app for iPhone and Android. All it requires is a email address. Every CPA candidate should give this App a shot.

Surgent CPA Review

Wiley CPAexcel Mobile App
#3: Wiley CPAexcel Mobile Apps

Wiley CPAexcel offers an iPhone and Android app that now syncs with their primary CPA review course. I highly recommend using if you use Wiley CPAexcel.

Wiley CPAexcel

Best CPA Exam Cram Courses Below:

CPA Exam Cram Courses

CPA Exam Cram Courses are great for anyone who needs an extra push in the final 2 weeks before their next exam.

They are typically high level summaries of the content.

I believe Cram Courses are for CPA candidates who are typically more visual learners and learn well from watching video lectures.

If you are a self-studier you are better off performing practice exams and reviewing your results.

Here are two of my recommended CPA exam cram courses for CPA candidates:

Roger CPA Review Cram Courses
#1: NINJA CPA Products

Jeff Elliott, CPA from Another71 has put together some of the most affordable and comprehensive "Cram Course" supplements in the industry with his Ninja CPA Review products. You can pick between his Ninja Notes, Ninja Audio and Ninja MCQ which includes access to 6,500+ multiple choice questions powered by the ExamMatrix's test engine. You might consider the Ninja 10 Point Combo (bundle of all Ninja products) if you are struggling with a specific section.

Ninja CPA Review Supplements

Roger CPA Review Cram Courses
#2: Roger CPA Review Cram Course

Roger CPA Review offers a full Cram Course for each section of the CPA exam. It features lectures from Roger Phillip, CPA and complete textbooks that summarize all of the key CPA exam materials you need to know.

Roger CPA Review
Cram Course

Best CPA Exam MP3 Audio Lectures Below:

CPA Exam Audio Lectures

Do you have a long commute?

Like studying on your lunch hour?

Then CPA exam audio lectures are a fantastic way to optimize every spare moment of your day.

These audio lectures can be downloaded to your phone and accessed anywhere regardless of Internet connection.

Check out my two favorite audio lecture bundles below:

Gleim CPA Exam Audio Lectures
#1: Gleim CPA MP3 Lectures

Gleim CPA Review offers full MP3 audio lectures for you to stream or download to access on your phone or computer for listening on the go.

Gleim CPA Review
MP3 Lectures

Roger CPA Exam Audio Lectures
#2: Roger CPA Review Audio Lectures

If you have a commute or watch to make time in the gym efficient you can download the audio files of Roger CPA Review's lectures for listening on the go.

Roger CPA Review
Audio Lectures

Roger CPA Exam Audio Lectures
#3: Ninja Audio Notes

If you need an audio version of some excellent high level study notes then I would recommend utilizing Ninja CPA Audio Notes. Jeff Elliott of Another71 breaks down all the key topics you need to know for each section of the CPA exam. After checking out the audio lectures for myself, I enjoyed how Jeff takes his sense of humor and inserts it into otherwise boring accounting topics.

Ninja Audio Notes

CPA Exam Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know I'm Picking The RIGHT CPA Review Course?

There are six questions you need to be asking yourself before investing in a CPA Review Course.

  1. Does it match my CPA exam Study Personality?

  2. Does it have enough CPA exam study material to help me pass?

  3. Will the material hold my attention?

  4. Do the materials fit together?

  5. Can the CPA course be tailored to fit my life?

  6. Does the CPA review course stick with me until I pass?

Is Becoming A CPA Worth It?

There are INCREDIBLE benefits to becoming a CPA that will absolutely help your career. I personally added $25K to my annual salary within 2 years of passing. But also caught the eye of a Big Four Firm after working a year and a half in a dead end job. Now with that being said, yes, CPA review courses are very expensive, but as you can see the future results greatly outweigh the current investment you will need to make.

How Do I Sign Up For The CPA Exam?

First step is to determine which state to sit for the CPA exam. Unfortunately this is a bit of a complicated process. There are different education, age, and residency requirements that you need to understand. Once you qualify you can send your application and apply for your notice to schedule. Once you have a NTS, it's time to invest in a CPA course.

What Is The Best Order To Take The CPA Exam?

There really is no "Best" order to take the CPA exam. I recommend starting with the section you feel the most confident on. If all else fails, start with FAR because it covers the most amount of material and will be a good starting point for you to then jump to Regulation (REG), Audit (AUD) or Business Concepts (BEC). It's important to note that I do recommend that you sign up for your first section before investing in a CPA prep class.

What Is The Most Expensive CPA Review Course?

Becker CPA Review Course is the most expensive CPA Review Course at $3,393.

What Is The Cheapest CPA Review Course?

Fast Forward Academy is the most affordable CPA Review Course at $892. However I do not recommend investing in a CPA Review Course because it is the cheapest. Focus on finding the CPA Review Course that maximizes how you learn best so that you can pass the CPA exam on your first try.

Which CPA Review Course Is Best For College Students?

College students who have a strong understanding of accounting material should use either Roger CPA Review, Gleim CPA Review or Wiley CPAexcel. I strongly urge you to try each CPA Review Course separately so that you can determine for yourself which one is best for how you learn. There are links to all the free trials on this page.

Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker CPA Review

Wiley CPAexcel is ideal for CPA candidates who don't like doing the same task for extended periods of time. CPAexcel breaks up the lectures, text and multiple choice into bite sized chunks so you are constantly rotating between CPA study activities. Becker CPA Review has a rigid system of watching 2-4 hour lectures then reading the text and then answering multiple choice in big chunks.

Read our full head to head comparison here

Roger CPA Review vs Becker CPA Review

Both Becker CPA Review and Roger CPA Review focus on teaching you primarily with video lectures. Becker CPA Review's lecturers tend to be very dry and not entertaining, but if you have a decent attention span get the job done. Roger CPA Review on the other hand is extremely engaging and entertaining and makes dry accounting topics interesting. I recommend Roger CPA Review of Becker CPA Review if you have a short attention span and don't like 2-4 hour lectures.

Read our full head to head comparison here

When Are CPA Exam Scores Released?

CPA Exam scores are released on a set schedule. Here are the latest dates based on when you sit for the exam.

I Just Failed The CPA Exam... What Now?

Failing a section of the CPA exam is almost a "rite of passage" as 80% of CPA candidates fail at least once (per Going Concern). The key to surviving is to brush it off and focus on determining what went wrong and improving. Here are some CPA exam failure resources that will help.

Which CPA Review Courses are the Best?

6 Best CPA Exam Review Courses - 2018 Comparison Guide

CPA Review Courses

Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review


Bite-Sized Lectures & Mobile App


Roger CPA Review


Engaging Lectures


Surgent CPA Review


Adaptive Learning Technology


Gleim CPA Review


In-Depth Analytics


Yaeger CPA Review


Best Customer Service


Becker CPA Review


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