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The two biggest names in the CPA review course industry are Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review.

In order to help you determine which CPA review course is going to work better for you, I want to compare the features, pros & cons, and the pricing of each course.

NOTE: Becker CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel present their materials in very different ways.

This means that if you don't know your study personality it could mean picking the wrong CPA review course.

Be sure to complete our free CPA study personality quiz here before making your final purchasing decision.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a referral fee if you decide to invest in the course listed below. Please understand that I have personal experience using Wiley CPAexcel, and I recommend them because I know that they will help you, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please only use my links if you feel that I have helped you in your review course decision. Also note that the coupon codes listed on this page may or may NOT have an expiration date. However the coupon codes offered are constantly changing so assume they won't be available forever.

Becker CPA + Wiley CPAexcel Quick Stats

Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course Includes:

Bite-Sized Lectures + 2,600+ Pages of Study Text +12,000 CPA Exam Questions + 4,200+ Digital Flashcards + Unlimited Access Until You Pass + Focus Notes

Becker CPA Review Course Includes:

100+ Hours of Lectures +7,200 CPA Exam Questions + 4,000+ Flashcards + 18 Month Access To Course Software

Wiley CPAexcel Versus Becker CPA Review Features Compared Below:

Becker CPA Review vs Wiley CPAexcel Cost Comparison

Becker CPA Review is without a doubt the most expensive CPA Review Course and will cost you $3,393 for all four sections. Wiley CPAexcel on the other hand is much more cost effective and starts at just $1,590 for their Silver Course package and goes all the way up to $2,295 for their Platinum Course package.

NOTE: I will the Platinum Course for today's comparison since it is very similar to Becker CPA Review. Use the chart below for a more exact breakdown of the total cost of each of these CPA courses.

CPA Course Cost Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Complete Course Cost $3,393 $2,295
Single Section Price $1,131 $765
Admin Fees $95 None
Cost To Renew Access $565 Per Section Free

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel

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Video Lectures

The video lectures of Becker CPA Course average close to 2 to 3 hours.

If you are like me my attention span is no more than 5-10 minutes which would make watching lectures at this length difficult.

In order to qualify for the Becker Promise, you also have to watch all the lectures which isn't ideal if you prefer to learn from reading the text and completing multiple choice questions.

The advantage is that Becker does come with Chinese Closed Caption, which makes it easier for students of Asian background to study without any difficulty.

Another cool feature of Becker CPA Review is that you can easily track the video lectures in case of interruptions. This is because the video lectures are marked with pages. You can therefore resume studying from where you left.

Wiley CPAexcel course is designed for learners that have short concentration spans. Most videos run for 20 minutes.

The advantage of such short lecture videos is that you can grasp almost all the concepts and constantly move between the video lectures, text and multiple choice.

This concept has also been copied by other CPA review courses such as Roger CPA Review and Gleim CPA Review.

Compared to Becker, I did find Wiley CPAexcel's lecturers to be a bit dry, but since the lectures are shorter I don't think this is a deal breaker by any means.

Between Becker and Wiley CPAexcel the bite-sized lesson presentation is a much more effective way to learn than Becker's 2-3 hour highlight session lectures.

Video Lectures Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Total Lecture Hours 100 110
Presentation Long Form Lectures Bite-Sized Lessons

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel

Multiple Choice & Simulations

Becker CPA comes with more than 7,200 multiple choice questions. The objective behind these questions is to help the student get a better understanding of the lessons in each chapter. Although the questions have multiple choices, there is a detailed explanation below each answer. This enables you to know why a certain answer is wrong while the other is right. Moreover, each question is linked directly to a topic in the CPA course. You can therefore choose to read further using the available links. Besides that, the software records the time you take on each question. If you are spending too much time, you need to work on your speed before sitting for the exam. This is because you may not be able to tackle all the questions if you are slow. Your scores are actually recorded and presented at the end of the questions. You can therefore use the results of your performance to identify the topics that you need to improve.

Wiley CPAexcel features more than 12,000 CPA exam questions. The questions come with detailed explanations. And that’s not all. Your performance in answering the questions is closely monitored by the software. The software actually uses the results from different tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses across the various topics. If you address the concerns highlighted by the course software, you are bound to pass your exam with flying colors.

In terms of multiple choice and simulations, I think Wiley CPAexcel has a slight advantage on Becker.

Both courses have high quality questions and explanations.

In my opinion Wiley CPAexcel has better multiple choice analytics than Becker CPA Review.

Finally, in terms of total number Wiley CPAexcel has Becker beat by close to 5,000.

CPA Exam Multiple Choice Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Total Multiple Choice 7,200 12,000
Simulations 400 600

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel

Customer Support

It’s important to settle for a CPA course that comes with reliable customer support. This is because you might have some burning questions that can only be answered by the course developer.

Becker CPA states that their help desk normally takes 2 business days to respond to customer inquiries. However, there tends to be delays on weekends, probably because there are many students using the course. It’s therefore advisable that you forward your inquiries on a weekday to avoid being caught in such delays.

Wiley CPAexcel customer support is a winner. You can chat with a customer care member in real time. This means your inquiries are addressed instantly. There is also the option of sharing your question with fellow students in a forum. You should never take this option if your situation is urgent. This is because it might take several hours if not days before someone in the forum responds. There is also a Mentored Discussion Forum where the respondents are CPA professionals hired by Wiley CPAexcel to respond to customer inquiries. This option is much better than the ordinary forum because you are sure your questions will be answered by a knowledgeable person.

Customer Support Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Total Time To Response 2 Business Days 24 hours or less

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel

Course Access

Becker CPA offers 18 months of access to the software. The course comes with Promise to Pass policy that includes 12 extra months for learners that fail in their exam. But you don’t just get the 12 months waiver unless you prove that you have not skipped any lessons in the course, especially the video lectures. Such an offer is a double edged sword. It tethers you to watching the lengthy videos which if you don't learn from video lectures will waste your time and hurt your chances of passing.

Wiley CPAexcel offers unlimited access to the software until you pass the exam. This gives you peace of mind because you can always log into the system and use the course materials without being subjected to hidden costs and requirements.

The clear winner here is Wiley CPAexcel who stands behind their product and will give you unlimited access until you pass the CPA exam PLUS free digital updates.

CPA Course Access Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel Review
Total Software License Time 18 Months Unlimited Until You Pass
Renewal Fee $565 per section Free

WINNER: Wiley CPAexcel

Course Supplements

Both Becker and Wiley CPAexcel come with a wide range of course supplements.

They both offer high quality printed flashcards (CPAexcel also offers digital).

They both come with smart phones apps which allow you to study on the go.

They both offer test banks of additional multiple choice questions.

In terms of course supplements they are a tie.


Final Recommendation

After deep diving into both of these courses it is clear that for your money Wiley CPAexcel gives you more features, better presentation of the material and a better software license than Becker CPA Review.

If I personally had to retake the CPA exam I would absolutely choose Wiley CPAexcel over Becker CPA Review.

If you are having to pay for a CPA review course out of your pocket then I believe Wiley CPAexcel is a no-brainer choice for you.

Don't take my word for it though.

Try each of these courses here to make your final decision!

Wiley CPAexcel 14 Day Free Trial

Becker CPA Review Trial


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Becker CPA Review vs Wiley CPAexcel
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