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The two oldest names in the CPA review course industry are Gleim CPA Review and Becker CPA Review.

They have both helped millions of CPA candidates pass the CPA exam (not an exaggeration).

In fact they both help myself and my Dad pass the CPA exam.

FUN FACT: I scraped by with 70s and 80s for my scores, but my Dad was an Elijah Watt Sells winner back in 1984.

Now obviously times have changed a bit since then, so how have these companies evolved and who should you use to study today?

P.S. These courses are aimed at very different types of people. This means that if you don't know your study personality it could mean picking the wrong CPA review course.

Be sure to complete our free CPA study personality quiz here before making your final purchasing decision.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a referral fee if you decide to invest in the course listed below. Please understand that I have personal experience using Gleim CPA Review and Becker CPA Review, and I recommend them because I know that they will help you, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please only use my links if you feel that I have helped you in your review course decision. Also note that the coupon codes listed on this page may or may NOT have an expiration date. However the coupon codes offered are constantly changing so assume they won't be available forever.

Becker CPA + Gleim CPA Review Quick Stats

Gleim CPA Premium Review System Includes:

100+ Video Lecture Hours + 10,000+ CPA Exam Questions + Unlimited Access Until You Pass + SmartAdapt Learning

Becker CPA Review Course Includes:

100+ Hours of Lectures +7,200 CPA Exam Questions + 4,000+ Flashcards + 18 Month Access To Course Software + Adapt2U Technology

Gleim CPA Review Versus Becker CPA Review Features Compared Below:

Becker CPA Review vs Gleim CPA Review Cost Comparison

It's hard to even compare the price between Becker CPA Review and Gleim CPA Review.

Becker comes in at an incredible $3,393 for all four parts.

Gleim CPA Review will only set you back $1,599 (before discounts)

NOTE: For this comparison I will be using the Gleim CPA Premium Review System as it most closely mirrors Becker CPA Review.

CPA Course Cost Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Gleim CPA Review Review
Complete Course Cost $3,393 $1,599 (before discount)
Single Section Price $1,131 $459
Admin Fees $95 None
Cost To Renew Access $565 Per Section Free

WINNER: Gleim CPA Review

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Video Lectures

The biggest difference between Becker CPA Review and Gleim CPA Review is absolutely going to be the video lectures.

Becker CPA Review revolves 100% around the video lectures. You are expected to watch 2-3 hour lectures in one sitting while studiously highlighting your textbook.

Gleim CPA Review takes a different approach, they give you shorter lectures and focus more on helping you learn on your own through the textbook and multiple choice questions.

Now I will admit that Becker CPA Review's video lectures are far more advanced in terms of functionality. They electronic textbook automatically syncs with the video lectures and you are able to take notes and bookmark the lectures.

You can't do any of this with Gleim. It just a video and you are on your own to follow along in the textbook.

With this being said it's clear that if you are someone who NEEDS video lectures to learn, then Becker CPA Review is your course BUT personally I would compare Becker CPA Review to Roger CPA Review before making a final decision. Roger CPA Review has by far the most engaging lectures in the industry.

However, if you are more of a self-studier who prefers to teach yourself the material and just need video lectures as a reference point, then I would recommend Gleim.

At this point I will have to give Becker CPA Review the WINNER tag for video lectures.

Video Lectures Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Gleim CPA Review Review
Total Lecture Hours 100+ 100+
Presentation Long Form Lectures Shorter Lectures

WINNER: Becker CPA Review

Multiple Choice & Simulations

The most powerful study tool you can have to learn the CPA exam material is going to be your multiple choice and simulations.

Both Becker CPA Review and Gleim CPA Review are kings of the CPA exam questions and explanations.

They have both also recently added smarter learning technology, Becker now has "Adapt2U" and Gleim has "SmartAdapt" technology to help you focus on the right topics at the right time to maximize your chances of passing the CPA exam.

Let's breakdown what each course has to offer.

Becker CPA comes with more than 7,200 multiple choice questions. You can expect each question to contain detailed explanations and reference to the textbook.

Their simulations are also on par with what you will expect to see on the CPA exam.

Similarly, Gleim CPA Review comes with 10,000+ CPA exam questions that all have very detailed explanations and breakdowns of why the questions are right or wrong.

In my opinion Gleim CPA Review has an edge over Becker CPA Review in terms of CPA exam question offering.

Multiple Choice Analytics

If you want to understand where you should focus your time, then multiple choice analytics are essential to your success.

Gleim CPA Review offers some of the most in-depth multiple analytics that I have seen and will allow you to dig down into the sub-topic level. Something most CPA review courses won't give you.

Becker does offer a similar level of detail but not quite as granualar as Gleim. The other CPA Review Course that you can compare to Becker is Wiley CPAexcel.

Learning Technology

In terms of learning technology, Gleim and Becker CPA Review differ slightly on how they handle automating your study process.

Becker focuses on utilizing their student data to compare your results to other students who have been successful.

Gleim CPA Review's SmartAdapt focuses on diagnosing your weakest areas and assigning you topics you need to spend more time studying on.

You also have the ability to manually quiz yourself with Gleim CPA Review which is good as well if you want to have full control of your studies.

I believe that Gleim is the clear winner for CPA exam questions.

CPA Exam Multiple Choice Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Gleim CPA Review Review
Total Multiple Choice 7,200 9,200+
Simulations 400 1,000

WINNER: Gleim CPA Review

Customer Support

Customer support is important for many reasons, the most important being the ability to outsource research of various topics you don't understand.

You want a CPA reveiw course that will be able to get you an answer quickly and an answer that actually helps.

So how does Gleim and Becker handle customer support?

Becker CPA Review has a help desk that you can send your questions too as they come up.

I found the responses to be helpful, but here is the kicker. Most CPA candidates study on the weekends and Becker CPA Review does not offer support during this time except for Saturday morning.

So if you send a question on Friday evening, you should expect a response until Monday at the earliest unless you are lucky and someone get's to your response on the short Saturday window.

To me this is unacceptable, but because Becker is a massive company it's to be expected.

Gleim CPA Review on the other hand is still a large company, but I found to be much more responsive to customer questions.

They give each student a "personal councelor" and for it's premium CPA review system students they give you direct access to their accounting experts for your specific questions related to accounting topics.

Gleim CPA Review is the clear winner here.

Customer Support Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Gleim CPA Review Review
Total Time To Response 2 Business Days + Limited Weekend Support 24 hours or less

WINNER: Gleim CPA Review

Course Access

Becker CPA Review is notorious for penny pinching any CPA candidates who end up not passing the CPA exam within their strict software access period of 18 months after first login or 24 months from purchase date.

In order to qualify for a renewal you also have to complete 100% of the lectures and 90% of the multiple choice questions and all this other red tape.

To me this way to complicated and when you have already paid $3,393 I personally think you should have unlimited access until you pass the CPA exam.

When I used Becker I was in the middle of studying for the CPA exam when it expired (after I had failed multiple times in a row using Becker). Now the reasons I failed is a story for a different day, but I went into panic mode and scrambled to find something else so I didn't have to pay the massive renewal fee.

Thankfully I found Gleim and they were able to help me pass the CPA exam.

Moral of the story, find a CPA review course that sticks behind it's product and won't screw you over when you need it the most.

FYI - All Gleim Premium students receive unlimited access to the course and free digital updates until you pass.

Clear winner here is Gleim CPA Review.

CPA Course Access Comparison
Becker CPA Review
Gleim CPA Review Review
Total Software License Time 18 Months Unlimited Until You Pass
Renewal Fee $565 per section Free

WINNER: Gleim CPA Review

Course Supplements

Becker CPA Review offers multiple study supplements such as flashcards, test banks, final review and a fully integrated mobile app.

You also have the option for a live classroom in your city to go through the lectures in front of a live instructor.

Gleim offers students with a their MegaBank (the product I used to pass the CPA exam) and their audio lectures.

Gleim currently does not offer any flashcards.

In terms of variety of products offered, Becker CPA Review is the clear winner.

But again these are just supplements to the primary course and depending on your study personality, you may not need all of these extra bells and whistles.

Discover your study personality here

WINNER: Becker CPA Review

Final Recommendation

The decision to make between Becker CPA Review and Gleim CPA Review really boils down to how much you want to spend on a CPA review course.

Becker CPA Review is the best known CPA review course in the industry but that does not make it the best CPA review course for you.

As you heard from my story, Becker not only could help me pass the CPA exam it also didn't stick with me until I did and it put me in a pretty stressful spot.

But if money is not an object and you highly value video lectures then Becker CPA Review is probably the right choice.

However if you prefer to teach yourself the material and need thousands of multiple choice questions with excellent analytics and explanations, then I would absolutely invest in Gleim CPA review. You won't regret it.

Give Gleim CPA Review a try on me.

Gleim CPA Review Free Trial

Becker CPA Review Trial

OVERALL WINNER: Gleim CPA Review (if you self-study)
Becker CPA Review (if you prioritize video lectures & money is no object)

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Becker CPA Review vs Gleim CPA Review
5 / 5 stars