Recover From CPA Exam Failure

Failing a section of the CPA exam can be one of the most mentally destructive moments in your life. 

Unfortunately most of us fail multiple times before finally passing! The statistics show that 80% of CPA candidates fail at least one section of the CPA exam.

I was one of those statistics. I failed the exam 7 times before I was finally able to join the CPA club (and I learned more about myself from failing than passing)!

What I need you to understand is that the CPA exam is NOT an IQ test.

You are NOT stupid if you fail a section of the CPA exam (trust me that is what I told myself and it was a huge reason that I continued to fail...)

The AICPA designed the CPA exam to mess with your head so that only those who are mentally prepared to handle failure actually succeed.

What I need you to do right now is clear your head and remind yourself why you want to become a CPA.

What will you be unable to accomplish without becoming a CPA?

After failing for the 4th time in a row I realized that something was seriously wrong.

I didn't have a REASON to become a CPA other than it was just the next logical step in my career so of course I wasn't motivated to actually put in the time required to pass!

When I turned the focus on becoming a CPA so that I could provide for my future family, could skyrocket my career so that I wasn't stuck at a dead end job, and the fact that a CPA would provide me with job security in an uncertain economy, EVERYTHING changed.

I began to take studying seriously.

I was more determined to be organized and study efficiently avoiding busy work.

If you are ready to make the same transformation as I did then I strongly urge you to download my free Recover From Failure Checklist.

I also want to point you to some valuable resources that are going to help you get back on your feet if you are struggling to pass the CPA exam and are starting to lose hope! 

Motivational Resources:

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